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Tada Loyalty & Customer Retention Blog

7 min read

Loyalty Points Program to Retain FMCG Customer

Nuraini .

FMCG brands have always sought ways to engage directly with their customers, but their ability to do so has been severely limited in the absence of point-of-sale (POS) systems.

Because of the lack of direct customer relationships, FMCGs must rely on retailers to reach their customers and obtain specific data and information about their customers' buying pattern.

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9 min read

What Will the FMCG Industry Trend Be Like in 2022?

Nida Amalia .

Opportunity arises from a crisis. This was especially true for the FMCG industry in 2020, as the world grappled with the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. The sector is learning, innovating, and rising above disruptions to leave the worst behind and look forward to the new year with optimism and renewed confidence.

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