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Integrate A
Beyond Loyalty Program

Increase repeat sales for your company by keeping your customers loyal and engaged. Boosting your revenue and members' satisfaction have never been easier!

Trusted by hundreds of high growth companies


Loyalty Programs

Traditional loyalty programs offering conventional rewards systems have been around for ages. Loyalty programs are rewards systems integrated into a business in an attempt to retain customers and increase sales revenue. However, is it really effective? Loyalty programs typically offer points for repeat purchasers. These repeat purchasers may not care for the points but just for the product itself.


Going Beyond Loyalty

There is a need to go beyond loyalty programs. It's time to think in terms of driving engagement and building relationships rather than just disbursing points. TADA offers a wide range of services that will turn your customers into brand advocates. We offer Membership, Referral and Digital Rewards services to boost the revenue of businesses.



Loyalty Membership Card

Build customised on brand membership programs to incentivise repeat purchases, referrals, customer feedback, and social engagement.

Popular Features

check-circle@2xMembership Tiering and VIP

check-circle@2xReview & Ratings

check-circle@2xPerks Engagements

check-circle@2xMultiple Campaign Choices

check-circle@2xMeasurable ROI

check-circle@2xMembers Management


check-circle@2xMarketing Automation

check-circle@2xBuilt-in: Advocacy Marketing & Digital Rewards Module




Turn word of mouth into your best sales channel. Get your loyal customers to sell your products and services to their friends in exchange for rewards.

Popular Features

check-circle@2x E-Voucher

check-circle@2x Sell To Your Friend

check-circle@2x Share Your Content



Loyalty Digital Rewards

Easily create, send, and manage digital rewards that people want. Integrate a powerful rewards catalog in your offering to build engagement.

Popular Features

check-circle@2x Marketplace API

check-circle@2x E-gift Card

check-circle@2x Rewards Link

check-circle@2x Corporate Card



Insights by TADA

Turn members feedback and behavior into actionable insights