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Channel Incentives

Activate and engage distributors, agents, or partners with highly-tailored rewards


The Benefits

Set target, tiers, engagement program and seamless rewards program for your distributors, agents and partners. 

Nurture high performers via automatic personalized rewards once a trigger is activated or a target is achieved. 


Platform Features

Deliver a unique engagement and rewards experience that is mobile, social and personalized. 

Engaging Partner Experience

Intuitive platform design for the best UX, ensuring ease of use and continuous engagements with distributors and partners.

Seamless Earning Validation and Rewards Distribution

API ready for fast integration across your marketing ecosystem. Also equipped with additional checker maker function to validate out-of-platform earning activities.

Wide Variety of Digital and Physical Rewards

Choose the most relevant rewards from an extensive catalog with over 15 attractive categories, including shop and dine e-vouchers, mobile data,
e-money, gold bars, electronics, experiences, etc.

Motivate and Incentivize

Rewards partners' purchases and engagement activities, including promotion through social media, product knowledge video view, and target achievement.

Dedicated 24/7 Support

Rest easy with our round the clock customer support to help answer your questions, troubleshoot problems, and review your programs to assess effectiveness. 

Insights Dashboard

Powers your data collection, analysis and reporting. More importantly, create data-driven business strategies to improve program effectiveness and fuel growth. 


Create Your Program Today to Engage, Incentivize, and Retain These Groups


An intermediary entity between a the producer and another entity in the distribution channel.


An entity that buys noncompeting products, stores and resells them to retailers.


A business that sells goods to the public in relatively small quantities for consumption.