Brands Can Now Easily Set Bonus Rewards Directly from the Tada Dashboard!


Sep 17, 2023 • 6 min read

tada bonus rewards

At Tada we understand that brands sometimes need to swiftly create reward type for their members to prevent them from leaving the program.

In the past, adding new bonus rewards for members was a somewhat challenging process, requiring the assistance of our in-house staff through Tada's back office system. This process had a SLA of 2 days, meaning you had to wait longer before the reward became active.

However, we've made significant improvements to eliminate all the hassle. Now, you can configure all aspects of bonus rewards directly from the Tada Dashboard, without the need to wait or rely on Tada's team for setup.

With this update, brands gain complete control over personalizing experiences for their members through quick and easy reward creation from the dashboard. Ultimately, this enhancement can significantly boost loyalty, engagement and retention through reward distribution based on various criteria.

What Brands can Expect from These Bonus Rewards

With this new update, brands can:

  • Add New Rewards with Ease: Brands now have the convenience of adding new rewards directly from the Tada Dashboard. They can even edit existing rewards that were created previously.
  • Flexible Reward Scheduling: Brands can set reward periods based on specific dates.
  • Customized Expiry Dates: Brands have the flexibility to set reward expirations, either by specifying a certain number of days or a fixed date.
  • Member Reward Limits: Brands can configure settings to limit the number of rewards each member can receive within a single period.
  • Reward Types: Brands can choose between offering additional points or e-vouchers as the reward type.

If you opt to give additional points as Bonus Rewards, you have a range of calculation options available to customize your reward experience:

  • Fix: Members receive a predetermined fixed number of points.
  • Multiplier: Members earn points based on a multiplier, for example, they receive 1 point for every Rp1.000 spent.
  • Percentage of Transaction Amount: Points are calculated as a percentage of the transaction amount.
  • Percentage of Points Received from Basic Conversion: Points are calculated as a percentage of the points earned from that specific transaction.

About Bonus Rewards

In Tada, Bonus rewards are categorized into four types;

  • Sign Up Reward; this feature allows brands to automatically reward users when they activate their card or register for the membership program.
  • Level Up Reward; with this option, brands can automatically reward members as they achieve higher levels within the program
  • Birthday Reward; brands can use this feature to automatically reward members on their birthday or during their birth month.
  • Custom Reward; this versatile feature enables brands to create customized criteria and rewards for their members. It is commonly used by brands who base rewards on SKU, payment methods, or transaction types."

Let's Take a Closer Look at the Details of Each Bonus Reward Type

1. Sign Up Rewards Details

Brands can customize their sign-up rewards based on three possible scenarios:

  • After member get the card (Activation)
  • After member complete the registration form (Registration)
  • Different rewards per stores (points or e-voucher)

For example if a member registers at store A, they will receive 50 points. But if a member registers at store B, they will get 100 points.

2. Level Up Rewards Details

Brands can set different level up rewards for different level-up schemes, such as:

  • After member level up
  • Specific program
  • Different rewards per level up, which can be in the form of points or e-vouchers

For example:

  • If members level up from level Bronze to Silver, they will receive 10 points. However, if members level up from Silver to Gold, they will earn 50 points.
  • If members level up from level Bronze to Silver, they will get a 10% discount e-voucher. But if members level up from Silver to Gold, they will receive a 50% discount e-voucher.

3. Birthday Rewards Details

Brands can customize their birthday rewards based on various criteria, such as:

  • On members birthday month
  • On members birth date
  • No transactions needed to trigger the reward
  • Trigger the reward after a top up or purchase in shop
  • Different point or e-voucher rewards based on level
  • Specific transaction amount, program, store, and/or SKU

For example:

  • If both member A and B have their birthday in January, but member A is Bronze and member B is Silver, Member A can receive 10 points while Member B can earn 50 points.
  • If today is member A’s birthday but member A needs to top up a minimum 100.000 IDR to unlock the rewards. After member A tops up 100.000 IDR, member A will receive the birthday rewards.
  • If today is member B’s birthday but member B needs to make a minimum purchase of 200,000 IDR from the Shop, specifically SKU 777612, to qualify for the rewards. After member B purchases 300,000 IDR worth of SKU 777612 from the shop, he will receive the birthday rewards.

4. Custom Rewards Details

Brands have the freedom to customize reward criteria extensively, utilizing various available criteria, including:

  1. Transaction Types: The type of transaction used as criteria to receive rewards. This includes options such as:
    • Balance Topup
    • Balance Redemption
    • Wallet Topup
    • Wallet Redemption
    • Activation
    • Registration
    • Birthday
    • New Subscription
    • Subscription Renewal
    • Level Upgrade
    • Shop Transaction with External Payment
  2. Transaction Amount: Brands can specify the required transaction amount for members to qualify for the reward.
  3. Program: Selection of a specific program that is eligible to receive the reward.
  4. Store: The ability to choose specific stores that can provide the reward.
  5. Excluded Store: Brands can select stores that will not offer the reward.
  6. SKU: Brands have the option to select specific SKUs that need to be purchased to receive the reward.
  7. Excluded SKU: Brands can choose SKUs that, if purchased, will not qualify for the reward.

Wrap Up!

Should you encounter any challenges with this new feature, please don't hesitate to contact our team for immediate assistance.


Wilson Santana

Head of Product