Connect with Your Customers through a Membership Program

Jul 14, 2021 • 4 min read

Jalin hubungan dengan pelanggan melalui membership program

In this era, customer behavior keeps on changing. As technology gets more advanced, it’s easier for customers to access multiple brands at the same time, choosing one that is most beneficial to them. This creates a new challenge in which businesses have to increase their efforts in winning their customers’ loyalty, in a time where customers don’t mind switching brands. That’s why many businesses started using memberships to connect with their customers better.

Are you familiar with the concept of membership enough to apply it in your business? Let’s learn what membership is and how to use it to build a strong relationship with your customers!

What is membership?

A membership is a program that businesses create where customers can register to enjoy certain benefits. The membership itself can be free of charge or requires a certain fee depending on what a business decides.

At the same time, memberships allow businesses to capture valuable customer data to help them understand customer behavior better. Membership programs are useful to nurture customer loyalty, as customers are more likely to stay with a business to enjoy all the benefits they are entitled to in the membership.

Meet TADA’s membership app

Nowadays, it’s easier for businesses to start a membership program. Backed by digital technology, they no longer have to manually keep track of their customers whenever they want to be a part of the membership program. Businesses only have to use a powerful membership app with many features that support them in nurturing a strong customer relationship.

As the leading customer retention platform in Indonesia, TADA provides a membership app for any business looking to nurture loyalty and relationship with their customers. There are many elements or features that a membership app needs to be effective in retaining customers. Here are the features you should look for in a membership app:

  1. Sign-up landing page

    First, membership apps need a landing page where customers can easily sign up as a member. This landing page must be easily accessible from multiple contact points with a customer. TADA provides a scan QR feature that you can place on your store table, cashier, social media, or website. Customers can be directed to your sign-up page simply by scanning the QR code, making the whole onboarding process convenient and quick.

  2. Points and rewards system

    The most basic reason any customer wants to join your membership app is to enjoy the benefits it offers. Thus, a points and rewards system is a crucial feature you need in your membership app. Determine the terms a customer can qualify for a reward, for example, by shopping over a certain amount or a certain number of times. Then, make sure your rewards are relevant and attractive enough based on your customer behavior and preference.

  3. Integration with other apps

    Optimize your customer experience on the membership app by providing integration with other useful apps! TADA’s membership app is integrated with popular marketplaces such as Tokopedia and Shopee.
    If you have online stores on these platforms, your customers who shop from there can easily join your membership. Not only that, but their purchase will also be recorded and calculated into points based on your assigned point reward system.

  4. Communication with customers

    A membership app is also helpful to establish a strong connection with customers, making them more loyal to your business. That’s why a membership app needs features for easy and seamless communication, such as through email, SMS blast, and push notifications.
    You can use these communication channels based on your needs. For more detailed and long information, you want to opt for the email feature. For announcing the newest promotions, especially those with limited time, you want to use the push notification feature to create a sense of urgency for customers to make a transaction.

  5. Analytical dashboard

    As previously discussed, one of the benefits of membership for your business is enabling you to capture valuable information about your customers. TADA’s membership app also comes with a powerful analytical dashboard that stores your customer database, from their demographics to their purchase behavior.
    With it, you’ll be able to analyze the products which are most liked, how often customers purchase from you and many more. This dashboard enables you to create more relevant and attractive marketing campaigns, and figure out if any of your customers are starting to churn so that you can reach out to them and regain their loyalty.

TADA has helped many businesses create a membership app to capture customer data, connect with them, and give rewards that nurture their loyalty for the long run. Start building strong relationships with your customer today with TADA’s membership app! Contact us and increase your customers’ loyalty today.


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