Customer Advocacy & Engagement Training Batch II


Jul 16, 2019 • 4 min read

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The Customer Advocacy and Engagement Training Batch II was fully booked with 40 enthusiastic learners. The training was held at TADA Head Office on 11th July 2019 and aims to nurture customer advocacy and engagement experts. In this batch, TADA talked about the importance of advocacy marketing, important factors to consider, and implementation strategies.

The Speakers

This interactive training was conducted by speakers Ryan Pasaribu as the Head of TADA Academy and Mardiansyah Putra, Head of Business Growth at TADA. Ryan explained about the importance of customer engagement, and the elements and strategy for customer engagement and advocacy program. Mardi taught attendees how to identify Return On Investment (ROI) from a customer advocacy and engagement program, program measurements and improvement strategies, as well as identifying and preventing unnecessary risks. 


What was different?

Back by popular demand, the Advocacy and Engagement Training Class returned to teach those that missed out on the first class. Compared to the first batch of students, there were a few differences and improvements made.

Focus Group Discussion

The aim of the Focus Group Discussion is to compare the sales, profit, and ROI of the attendee's company from their current strategy to membership strategy and advocacy program; Measure the conversion rate and sales contribution from subscription program. The attendees were divided into two groups and they had to figure out ways to measure the ROI by comparing referral programs to subscription programs.

Guest Speaker

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The guest speaker session conducted by Henry Yoshi, Head of Lead Acquisition at Wall Street English, connected with the audience by energetically telling his story about how the company acquired its customers. Wall Street English has been integrating a referral program with a ‘member get member’ and layer point system with a platform that can digitize its referral program. Although the collaboration has only been a month and a half, improvements have been seen. Compared to traditional marketing mediums, the expenses for their current program is lesser. So far, 60 percent of their members come from the referral program.


Outstanding Awards

Quiz Winners

image 60

The first place, Widjaja (left) the second place, Kenny Wijaya (center), and the third place, Dirga Sumantri (right) 

After the program ended, TADA had a quiz session in store for the attendees. Good job to the quiz winners! They are no doubt the ones that were extremely attentive during the training and absorbed what was taught very well.

Best Participant

image 61Mardiansyah Putra (left) giving the present to Rika Yusiska's representative (right) as the Best Participant

The Best Participant award was given to those that showed proactivity and had a great learning attitude. Unfortunately, Rika Yusika had to leave early. However, her friend helped her to receive the award. Rika was the most active in discussions and always added value to the class.

Social Media King/Queen

image 62

The Social Media Queen, Sherly Christian (left) who received a gift from Ryan Pasaribu (right)

Throughout the class, TADA held a mini social media competition to crown the Social Media King/Queen. Sherly certainly deserved the award for displaying the most creativity on social media and her genuine experience. Congratulations, Sherly Christian!



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TADA would like to express its gratitude towards all the attendees. TADA hopes that the attendees will be able to apply the knowledge they learnt into their work and help take their companies to the next level. TADA will be constantly improving their events and provide attendees with the best learning experience possible.

Ready to join our Batch III on 19 September 2019? To view details of this training and reservation spot, do check out our certification page!

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