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Aug 21, 2021 • 5 min read


Loyalty is always a valuable thing for businesses. This does not only refer to loyalty from the customers, but from anyone who is involved with the business and impacts the business’ sustainability, such as employees, clients, and channel partners. These three groups of people are important to retain since they affect the overall operations of a business. 

One of the simplest ways to retain employees, clients, and channel partners is by giving rewards. For large-scale businesses, giving rewards to such a wide group of people can be a challenge.

That’s why TADA has created a unified omnichannel rewards solution to help any business looking to improve retention and loyalty. Start giving scalable rewards to your employees, clients, and partners with TADA!

The Importance of Rewards

Rewards secure loyalty and strengthen engagement with anyone who is valuable to your business. Points, gift cards, incentives and merchandise are commonly used tools by companies to reward and recognize their employees, sales teams, channel partners and clients.

Did you know that companies with low employee turnover rate achieve 4 times higher profit than average? Not only that, disengaged workers have 60% higher rate of general errors and  cause businesses to lose US$550 billion every year. 

At the same time, partners or clients also need to be rewarded. Research shows that channel partner rewards help companies to witness a 32% increase in total revenue and 30% increase in market share. This is because having a rewards program helps increase engagement level and motivates partners to sell more.

Why You Should Consider Using Omnichannel Reward Solution?

Conventionally, businesses have to go through the hassle of curating rewards from various vendors. Not only that, they have to figure out the inventory, delivery, and tracking of those rewards manually. Even then, they can’t know exactly if the rewards have been used and if they are effective enough in improving loyalty. 

With TADA’s unified omnichannel loyalty program, you don’t have to go through this hassle anymore. With all your rewards in one dashboard, you can easily configure, send, and track them for distribution to employees, clients, and partners.

What does TADA’s Reward Platform Offer?

Our platform offers many useful features to make rewarding easy for your business. Here are what you can find:

1. Self-serve platform

Simply browse through our multiple e-gifts and choose the ones to be delivered to anyone who is loyal to your business. We provide rewards in the F&B, shopping, hospitality, and many more categories.

You can choose whether you want to send just one e-gift or multiple e-gifts according to what works best for your clients. Send them through email, SMS, or push notifications in no time.

2. Point and stamp collection

Our platform enables you to manage loyalty points program with a global redemption catalogue.

If you have a digital corporate card or any other forms of loyalty programs for your employees, clients, and partners, you can use this rewards platform to provide them with rewards whenever they have successfully collected a certain number of points or stamps.

3. Fraud prevention system

As all the delivery and usage of your rewards will be accurately recorded in our powerful dashboard, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of fraud.

Your payments will also be secure with our fraud prevention system. Moreover, we provide you with a credit limit to control your spending and secure your budget.

4. Performance review

With the performance review feature, you can evaluate how well your rewards program is going. You can view the number of e-gifts that have been sent, used, and ones that already expired without being used.

If there are more expired rewards compared to used rewards, you might want to reconsider the types of rewards you are giving and make them more attractive and relevant to your target recipients.

5. API integration

For businesses that have their own app or website, you can integrate our marketplace with your existing rewards program to enhance it and provide even more reward selections.


The value of employees, clients, and partners of your business cannot be underestimated. Now, you can show your recognition and appreciation to them by rewarding them accordingly without breaking your bank or causing too much hassle!

TADA has become a rewards solution for many businesses and you can be the next one. Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us help you by providing a unified rewards solution to boost your loyalty and revenue!
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