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Jul 9, 2021 • 4 min read


In this digital era, businesses keep trying to increase revenue through both offline and online selling. With the rapid growth of online commerce, businesses saturate many existing online marketplaces, making it hard to stand out among competitors. Thus, one of the solutions businesses can opt for is shifting to social commerce.

Unlike typical online shopping, social commerce makes use of resellers offering a business’s products through the power of social media. One group of people that businesses can rely on to use social commerce is brand ambassadors. Let us look into how to increase your business revenue through social commerce by brand ambassadors!

Understanding the concept of social commerce

First, we need to understand what is meant by social commerce. In social commerce, anyone can sell your products through social media, including your customers, employees, and many others. Social commerce differs from e-commerce where products from multiple brands are displayed on one platform. With social commerce, potential buyers only view our products without the distraction from other brands. For every purchase they make, resellers will gain some profit sharing.

One group of people with promising potential to be your resellers are brand ambassadors. Let’s first have a common understanding of who a brand ambassador is.

Who is a brand ambassador?

A brand ambassador is a person who agrees to represent our business or become the face of our business for an agreed time. A brand ambassador has ample knowledge of our business and its products. The brand ambassador will share how much he or she loves our product through social media or other forms of media. A brand ambassador is usually someone famous with a strong social influence so that he or she can convince many people to try our product.

The role of a brand ambassador in social commerce

Thanks to a brand ambassador’s strong influence, using one in your social commerce is a promising strategy to increase your revenue. A brand ambassador ensures our product reaches a wider market. Choosing a credible brand ambassador can also mean more customers will end up buying our product than using regular resellers with less social impact.

Starting social commerce for your business

If you are looking for ways to increase your business revenue, using social commerce by brand ambassadors can be your best bet. Social commerce isn’t the same as online marketplaces where you create an account and start selling. In social commerce, you need a platform where anyone can sign up to be your reseller.

No worries, TADA can help you to create this platform and get it up and running! If you choose to use a brand ambassador, you can then sign him or her up on the social commerce platform.

Social Commerce TADA can help you to get more revenue for your business

Once the platform is ready, you can start displaying your products there. Your resellers can start selling by sharing a unique link on their social media. If a customer clicks on the link, he or she will be automatically redirected to your reseller’s catalog. The whole transaction is recorded and profit-sharing payments for your resellers or brand ambassadors can also be done digitally and securely.

Don’t forget to share your new social commerce as much as possible on your social media accounts, websites, and printed media in your offline stores! Make sure you reach as many people as you can to join as resellers so that you have a better chance of increasing your revenue.

Although social commerce is considered a brand new technology, it does have its edge against regular online commerce which is already too saturated with many products. Social commerce puts you ahead of your competitors, and synergizing it with the use of brand ambassadors further improves your revenue.

TADA has helped many businesses improve their revenue and loyalty, and has been trusted by more than 400+ local and global brands. If you are interested in starting social commerce for your business, look no further because we are happy to help! Contact us today!

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