Integration of Deal POS x TADA


Jul 9, 2020 • 2 min read


There is nothing more delightful than having loyal customers as it can help to increase your sales. The more customers you have, the more stable your selling will be. The good news is now you can do it more easily with the help of TADA, who just recently released the integration with Deal Pos. Its various interesting features will definitely enable you to manage your loyalty program.

Now you have Deal POS which has been integrated with the TADA system. The integration is also equipped with innovative features to assist you in managing rewards for your customers. 

Here are the features of integration between Deal POS x TADA you can use:

  • You can add more members and point or stamp loyalty program through customers’ cellphone number
  • There is also an e-Voucher redemption feature with a certain amount, for example, IDR 50.000 voucher

The activation of the integrated feature is a breeze. You only need to ask your merchant who already uses DEAL POS to connect it with TADA plug-in. 

With this feature, you are able to use it to add more members to your loyalty program through Deal POS. You can also give points or stamps to your members which can be exchanged with free products. 

This is not the end, though. The members can also make use of shopping vouchers available in the integrated system. Everything is easy and available right here in one accessible place. That’s the reason why the integrated system is definitely able to help you manage your loyalty program, through memberships, rewards and also vouchers. It’s so simple! Hope it is useful for you and stay tuned to get the up-to-date information in TADA’s blog.


Clara Alverina

I'm marketing enthusiastic and inherently understands that the customer is the single most valuable asset an organization can have, and driven by the unrelenting pursuit of customer-retention focus, engagement and customer experience.