Introducing Sticky: The Loyalty Program Every F&B Business Needs to Retain Customers Better in the Pandemic Era


Sep 18, 2020 • 4 min read

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The food & beverage industry is constantly packed with newcomers. In today’s competitive market, customers are lavished with so many restaurant options to choose from. It seems like customers can just go restaurant-hopping from one business to another. Not only that, with the COVID-19 pandemic still looming and most customers having to carry out their routines from home, the odds of restaurants increasing their sales and nurturing their customers’ loyalty are further eroded. This poses the challenging question to restaurant business owners: how to keep customers coming back to their restaurant?

Having an attractive and rewarding loyalty program can be a powerful strategy to retain your customers and sustain your business in the pandemic era. Having such a program influences customers to return and do more purchases in order to earn more rewards. According to Aaron Allen & Associates, loyalty programs can increase a customer’s lifetime value up to 30%! 

With this in mind, TADA is happy to introduce Sticky, the new all-in-one program that can be a key strategy for restaurants in 2020. Beyond a traditional restaurant loyalty program, Sticky ensures customers not just to keep coming back, and do so sooner, while allowing them to order and get food delivered!

Here are the features of Sticky for your F&B business that make customers come back sooner and spend more:

  • Maximize rewards as incentives for customers

With Sticky, the rewards you offer can be customized according to your business needs. Create your rewards value, choose which vouchers to give, when to give it, and who to give it to. For example, customers get an instant reward when they sign up, and they will receive a higher reward if they come back within 7 days. If they do not come back within 7 days, the value of rewards they receive will decline. This method promotes repeat visits, because the hardest part is actually getting customers to visit for a second time. With a higher reward, they are more likely to return.

With an expiry date to induce FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), customers are even more likely to do repeat business with you. This way you have a better chance to retain your customer.

  • Create omnichannel reward experience including delivery

These days, customers are getting more wary to do physical contact when buying from restaurants. Even for those who are not, some restaurants are advised to close their doors for dine-in options. Sticky helps to address this matter as it equips your F&B business with online transactions and home delivery capability to prioritize their safety and comfort in this pandemic era. This way, online and offline experiences are seamlessly combined, as customers can decide to claim their rewards in the outlet or through our delivery platform. If you want to just get the delivery capability for your restaurant, click here to learn how.

  • Send targeted campaigns

By using Sticky, you can easily get to know what your customers love in order to find out what kind of rewards you should make. Their data is available on our dashboard where you can track their transaction history, last visit, and many more. Retain your customers better by connecting with them through our various campaign channels such as Push Notification, Email Blast, or Smart Campaign. Lastly, you can spread the news about your ongoing programs through your digital channels to have as many loyal customers onboard as you can. To learn more about strategies to leverage your data, click here.

Loyal customers are key to the survival of F&B businesses in this pandemic era. Engage them and make them feel rewarded in order to keep them coming back to your business! Contact us to learn more about this impactful program today.

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