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Jun 30, 2020 • 3 min read


In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, one of the fastest growing business tools is the system where customer able to enter an online order. Online ordering is typically associated with off-premise channels, such as third-party platforms or mobile apps reserve system. While online ordering has been around for years, it has not gained large traction in many industries. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and new normal situation has made consumers wary of having intensive contact, therefore the need for online order has arisen.

The next question is, should business create their own in-house delivery system or use third-party services? QSR automations state that 76% of consumers prefer to order directly, rather than through third-party services. The same study found that maintaining your own delivery team is also 46% to 50% cheaper than employing the services of third-party delivery services. This leads to an open discussions on how to create the most effective in-house delivery system. What budget you should prepare? What supplies do you need? Learn how TADA can assist your business to have your own ordering system and help you survive during this new normal, as well as discover its additional operational benefits.

Potentials benefits of having your own ordering system

  1. New Revenue Channel – An ordering systems allows brands to increase revenue despite having your physical store close and capture potential order whilst other store still closing down. A well-executed to-go service is a smart alternative that can generate new income and loyal patrons.
  2. More Precise Data and Reduce Human Error – Using an order system will grant access to more reliable data. With conservative method, there is a much higher probability that orders can be inaccurate. Changing ongoing order and people assumptions can also lead to misunderstanding when collecting order. On the other hand, recording transaction history will be so much easier and it can bring you an extreme advantage. With precise data, you can generate reports that analyze customer trend and behaviour.
  3. Expand Market Reach - With an ordering system, marketing is key. Internet-based marketing gives your business far-reaching exposure and puts you in front of a whole group of new potential customers. Also, since you are recording every single order, your business will be able to retain existing customers by remarket these individuals using seasonal specials, events, and creating buzz for particular promotions.
  4. Granted Competitive Advantage - There are many business that are still stuck in the old ways and have been slow at adopting new technology. Every new adoption allows you to slowly inch past competitors. By staying on top of these online ordering advances, you have the opportunity to attract more new customers better than your competitor.

Meet TADA, we enables your business to have an end-to-end online ordering experience for your customers. Customers can view the whole products, place orders, pay digital easily, get products delivered to their door, and all in are done digitally without the need for any human manual work. Get set up with the kit only in few days, with absolutely no out-of-pocket costs and no need to change your existing system. Payment gateway system has been included, so contact us now and learn more about this feature today!

Let's Create Your Own Ordering System


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