Introducing tadakado: One E-voucher, Million Possibilities


Dec 21, 2023 • 3 min read

introducing tadakado

Tada is thrilled to introduce you to tadakado, a game-changing solution that is set to revolutionize the way companies approach corporate gifting; making it more than just a present, but rather an experience.

About tadakado

tadakado is a universal e-voucher to fulfill your gifting needs for various moments that can be sent via SMS/WA or in the form of physical cards to clients, colleagues, employees and so on.

Unlike conventional gift cards, tadakado offers two flexible gifting options; tadakado vouchers that can be sent via SMS/WA and physical tadakado where Tada will print customized vouchers that you can send or give directly in the form of physical cards to employees, clients and others to celebrate various precious moments.

These e-vouchers can later be redeemed into Tada's rewards catalog which consists of 1,000 items from various categories, such as e-wallet, electronic goods, shopping vouchers and so on. tadakado e-voucher recipients can also use their e-voucher balance to make QRIS payments at all merchants throughout Indonesia.

tadakado's Advantages to Fulfill Your Gifting Needs

Unlike traditional gift cards that can be found today, tadakado e-vouchers offer many advantages that will make your gifting process easier.

1. Can be Sent via SMS/WA or Physical Form

tadakado's gifting solution allows companies to send gifts, presents or hampers in the form of e-vouchers easily and quickly. There are two ways of sending tadakado e-vouchers that you need to know:

  • E-vouchers are sent via SMS/WA message. The recipient will get a link and PIN to claim their e-voucher.
  • tadakado can be printed in the form of a physical card whose design can be customized according to the company's wishes. Afterward, you can give the physical voucher directly to the recipient or send it via expedition/courier.

2. Many E-voucher Denominations

To fulfill your various gifting needs, there are many e-voucher denominations that you can choose from. Starting from Rp100,000 to Rp5,000,000.

If you choose to give a physical tadakado voucher, then the card design can be customized according to the branding and design that your company wants.

3. Redemption Catalog of More than 1,000 Items

While most gift cards can only be redeemed at limited merchants or outlets, tadakado e-vouchers can be redeemed to Tada's redemption catalog that has more than 1,000 items; ranging from physical goods to e-wallet balances.

tadakado recipients can also use their e-voucher denominations to pay for QRIS transactions at various merchants in Indonesia.

Wrap up!

Experience the efficiency, flexibility, and unparalleled possibilities tadakado brings to the table. Elevate your gifting initiatives, foster stronger connections, and leave a lasting impression on your employees and colleagues. The possibilities are limitless with tadakado. Request our demo today to explore more about this exciting product.

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