Marketeers Editor's Choice Award 2019

Dec 10, 2019 • 2 min read

Marketeer's Business Model of The Year, TADA Subscription Model

TADA is proud to have successfully been awarded the Marketeer's Editor's Choice Award for the Promising Business Model of the Year, the Subscription Model.

The awards conference was held at Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Jakarta, from 4th to 5th December 2019.

The Marketeers Editor's Choice Awards are given as a recognition to businesses with a creative approach that combines both online and offline innovations for the Indonesian marketing world.

Amongst all the other recipients that night, one of the awardees, TADA, wants to leverage on subscription programs to build engagement, retain customers and lower churn rates.

"If the brand wants their customers to be loyal and continue using their products, the brand should start with a subscription program" - said by Ms Clara Alverina, TADA Event & Media Marketing Manager.

Subscription plans ensures secured cash flow, as customers would pay an upfront amount before your service is rendered to them.

TADA's digital platform has many benefits that will make rewarding customers easier and effective, such as automatic deduction from Banks for payments and customization by brands to curate the perfect subscription plan for their customers.

TADA is currently one of the industry leaders with more than a dozen of brands using their technology since their launch several months ago.

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Clinching the Editor's Choice Award for the Promising Business Model of the Year is an honor and a huge milestone for TADA. TADA is extremely grateful for the recognition and hope to be able to inspire businesses to switch on over to the subscription model and reap the wonderful benefits!



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