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Aug 20, 2021 • 6 min read


This digital era has provided more ways to reach customers and get them to make a purchase to boost business revenue. One of the currently popular strategies is social commerce, in which businesses empower their own customers or employees to become resellers. As online marketplaces have become more saturated, placing businesses head-to-head with their competitors, social commerce is a promising new sales channel for businesses.

How to lure customers into promoting your business? The answer is encouraging advocacy marketing combined with incentives. TADA has created a solution for businesses looking to do this through social commerce. Let’s learn more about this together!

Why advocacy marketing?

These days, customers are getting more selective in making purchase decisions. Nielsen found that 83% of customers trust the recommendation of their family and friends. That’s why advocacy marketing or promoting your business with the help of your customers is the sole most effective marketing strategy. This strategy also costs much less than placing giant advertisements or hiring expensive endorsers.

Combining advocacy marketing with social commerce

If customers are happily willing to be your advocates, why not motivate them to do so through social commerce? Social commerce is forecast as one of the most profitable business strategies, whose value is estimated to grow eightfold from $3 million in 2017 to $25 million in 2022, according to McKinsey. Moreover, Indonesia is the perfect market for social commerce, because more than 170 million Indonesians are avid social media users. As social media is a much simpler and wider channel than online marketplaces, Paypal’s Asia Social Commerce Report states that social media has a highly penetrable entry barrier for businesses. You can do this by empowering your customers to be your resellers on social media!

With TADA’s social commerce app for your business, every advocacy activity from customers can be tracked and they will gain profit sharing or advocate commissions for every successful transaction. Here are the features of TADA’s social commerce app for your business.

  1. Member get customer

    On TADA’s social commerce app, anyone can be your resellers, including your customers and employees. Resellers can start selling by sharing their unique referral link to anyone through social media or chat apps. This link leads potential customers straight to their product catalogue, where customers can place their order to be delivered to their doorstep.
  2. Advocate commission payout

    With this social commerce app, you no longer have to do the tedious task of noting down every transaction and commission payout manually. Every one of them will be securely and accurately recorded on the TADA dashboard. The advocate commission for each reseller is calculated, and resellers can transfer their earnings to their bank account or e-wallet.
  3. Member get leads

    Aside from a referral link that leads to the product catalogue, your resellers also have another link to use when inviting leads to be resellers. Have your resellers distribute this link to anyone they think will be interested to go onboard with your social commerce program, and they will be directed to your sign up page easily. Resellers gain rewards when their leads successfully sign up as a reseller and start selling.
  4. Activity and transaction history

    Resellers can view their transactions and advocate commission earnings in real-time in a clear and comprehensible display. They can then evaluate their own performance as your resellers, and also do commission payout whenever they need to.
  5. Dashboard

    TADA’s dashboard helps you view your total number of resellers, the transactions they have made, the resellers they have invited, and their individual advocate commission earnings, so that you can reward them accordingly. The dashboard also helps you stay connected with your resellers. Send personalized messages through email, SMS, or push notifications. Use the push notifications feature to blast important information on your most recent offers or simply to stay in touch and motivate your resellers to promote your business every day.
  6. Online shop web plugin

    In the midst of the competitive online marketplace landscape, social commerce is one of the alternative promising sales channels that you ought to try. Start boosting your business revenue by implementing advocacy marketing in your social commerce! Contact us as we will be happy to build you a social commerce app most suited for your business!
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