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Aug 18, 2021 • 5 min read


As the pandemic continues to cause slowdowns to business operations, businesses need a fresh strategy to stay on top of the crisis and sustain themselves.

Recent developments in the COVID-19 pandemic have once again impose tighter operational hours. At the same time, customers might be more wary to leave their house and visit public places where businesses operate.

It’s time to reach your customers despite the pandemic with the help of a reliable delivery order system!

The Problem with Third Party Delivery Orders

These days, we are aware that there are already lots of third party delivery services that offer to help F&B businesses.

However, these third party delivery providers are actually very costly. They require 15-25% profit sharing since they calculate the fee from the value of customers’ orders.

At the same time, by agreeing to be displayed on third party delivery services, you are placing yourself together with your other competitors. When customers open the app, they will not only view your products, but also your competitors’, thus lessening the chance of customers making an order from you.

Your Own Delivery Order System

Now, you can have your own delivery order system with TADA! You no longer have to worry about paying too much fees to third party services and losing customers due to distraction from competitors. In fact, 76% of customers prefer businesses that provide a means for them to order directly

Here are other benefits of having your own delivery system.

  1. Provides a seamless process

    Remember when the digital era is not this advanced and we still need to take customers’ orders manually? Imagine the hassle of taking note of customers’ orders by phone, then passing them on to the kitchen team manually, and making sure everything is cooked and delivered well. Having your own delivery order system creates a seamless process that is convenient to both you and the customers. Customers can place their order at any time, from anywhere.
  2. Minimizes physical contact

    Nowadays, ordering from home is no longer a preference, it is also a priority. Most customers hesitate to leave their houses just to buy some food. They will greatly appreciate a delivery order system that enables them to get their favorite foods without risking themselves being exposed to the virus. But it’s not only your customers—your business and your staff also benefit from not having to deal with a large number of customers from different places everyday, which might increase your risk of catching the virus. 
  3. Enables strong customer engagement

    For businesses that traditionally rely on customers’ visits to their physical stores, this pandemic might be greatly challenging, especially in terms of maintaining customer engagement. Now that physical stores have to shut down or operate on restricted hours, how are businesses ever going to stay in touch, engage, and reward their customers? A delivery order system helps precisely in this area! You can include vouchers or rewards along with the delivered foods for loyal customers. You can create a delightful customer experience by sending mini food testers of your upcoming menu. The possibilities to stay engaged with them are endless, and customers can keep having strong relationships with you despite not being in your stores physically.

Tada’s Delivery Order Features

After learning of the benefits of a delivery order system, you might still be wondering how you are going to create one from scratch. Don’t worry, Tada can help get your delivery order system running within days! What are the features of Tada’s delivery order system?

  1. Dedicated website

    Our delivery order system offers you a dedicated delivery website which customers can easily access to place their order. Customers can have a clear view of your menu and order without being distracted by your competitors. The website also comes with a store locator feature that allows customers to check your stores that are closest to their address.
  2. Online shop web plugin

    At first, customers will need to be introduced to your brand new delivery order system. That’s why we provide you with your very own online shop web plugin that you can place on your profile or website. Customers will be redirected to your delivery website immediately. 
  3. Affordable price

    As we previously discussed, this system is much more efficient than relying on third-party services. Aside from that, we also offer free setup fee and website maintenance. You will only be charged based on successful orders too!
  4. Advanced payment options

    Customers can choose from a wide range of available payment options such as bank transfer, credit card, or e-wallet. Don’t worry, the whole payment process is seamless and secure to benefit both you and the customers.
  5. Easy order management

    The delivery system also comes with the Tada Partner app. With this app, you can get notified whenever you get a new order and keep track of ongoing delivery orders. This way, you can process the orders immediately.

In this uncertain situation, businesses need a sure strategy and be agile in adapting to their surroundings to survive. Having your own delivery order system is one of the ways to help you, especially if you are an F&B business, in reaching and serving your customers and keep them loyal. This stands true despite them not being able to visit your physical stores.

Tada is happy to help you create your own delivery order system! Contact us and get your system running within days.
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