Redeem Meals and Food Delivery as Solution to Employee's Stressful Situation During Covid19


Sep 26, 2021 • 6 min read

The days of "medical, vision, and dental" summarizing employee benefits packages are long gone. Benefits programs have evolved as time has passed, and more companies have invested in a happy and healthy workforce. Aside from workforce and recruiting-related changes, major external events have influenced employee benefits offerings. 

COVID-19 is a prime example. Companies must consider new ways to support employees from home, build community, and tailor benefits packages to their needs as they transition to working remotely. The study from AirTasker found that 39% of remote and 56% of office employees found ways to avoid working.

It shows that working from home has many benefits for employees, such as eliminating daily commutes, increasing productivity, and healthier lifestyles.

It's a win-win situation that workers relish for its flexibility – but often at the cost of their work-life balance.

In addition to paid time off and flexible scheduling, the top-five preferred rewards in the IRF study included food and merchandise gift cards. When deciding on the best type of reward to give to employees during the pandemic—and for hybrid employees in the future—critical it's to consider the impact. In tense situations, a nice meal and flexibility can go a long way.

This article will cover:

  1. Food Reward is Popular In The New Normal Work-Life 
  2. The Benefits of Food Reward 
  3. Redeem Meals and Food Delivery as Food Reward Option

Food Reward is Popular In The New Normal Work-Life

Companies that transition to a remote work model must modify their benefits packages to meet their employees' needs better. According to the survey from Door Dash, 80% of employees consider the ability to eat at any time to be one of the top benefits of working from home. The majority of those polled (38.9 %) said they spent roughly the same amount of money on food before COVID-19, with the highest number (32.9 %) saying they pay the same on takeout.

Regular food delivery would increase job satisfaction for 85% of those polled, and 9 out of 10 employees are missing at least one food-related benefit now that they work from home. More than one-fifth of employees (21%) prioritize daily free food delivery over improved or lower-cost health insurance, additional vacation, and transportation stipends. Despite the desire for work-from-home food benefits, three out of every five employees still do not receive them, up from two out of every five before the pandemic. 

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Add The Food Reward and Retain Your Employee

According to a new survey conducted by the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), one-third of HR professionals are having difficulty maintaining company culture due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the survey, 76 percent of employees say their most missed food-related benefit is "eating and socializing with colleagues," demonstrating how much your employees miss eating together now that they work from home. Here are some benefits if your business considers adding the food reward to your employee benefits.

  • The Employee Feel More Connected

Bringing back time spent enjoying food together–even over Zoom–could be a solution as you look for ways to create a remote company culture. TADA Redeem Meals are an easy way to offer food benefits that can be redeemed from home. With this program, you can provide employees with flexible loyalty points that they can use at restaurants across the country. You can offer food rewards to your employees at a monthly all-hands meeting or an internal team training to make the experience feel more normal as they adjust to this new way of working.

  • Encourage Employee to be More Successful At Work

42 % of employees said the pandemic had had an impact on their mental health. Many distractions shorten the time available to get work done, whether trying to get their kids to finish their virtual learning homework or needing extra time to make lunch before a business call. By incorporating food rewards into your HR benefits, you give your employees back time, reducing the stress of their everyday lives and helping them manage their workloads with at-home family responsibilities.

  • Immune Booster

Eating proper and healthy foods can boost your employees' immunity, allowing them to be healthier and more productive. Offering meal benefits can help make healthy eating more accessible to employees—rather than researching and planning. They can rely on restaurant offerings that have been specifically designed to boost immunity, such as ordering from a health food cafe.

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Redeem Meals and Food Delivery as Food Reward Option

Give your employees one less thing to worry about during stressful times, such as meal rewards.

With Tada, your employee NOT ONLY can redeem your loyalty points against a variety of e-vouchers and gifts but also redeem those points to order meals and beverages and get them delivered right onto their doorsteps. Employee love is about hitting the right chord with them. Now your employee can derive delight from scoring your reward points, Ordering food with those points, and enjoying the food. That is a home run!

How does it work? Employees go to your app. They pick the "redeem meals" feature, choose the nearby favorite restaurant, select the food, and when they check out, they choose your points as a method of payment. Easy? Yes, it's only one click away! Your employee will remember you and how your employee benefits added more flavor to their lives. 

Final Takeaway

Consider how food rewards can improve your overall benefits package, increase productivity, and work performance as you continue your search for the best employee benefits. Improve employee satisfaction by contacting us today to learn more about all of our fantastic food rewards.

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