Tada's Event-Based Loyalty: Building Deeper Customer Connections


Jul 2, 2024 • 8 min read

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Event-based loyalty programs are revolutionizing customer engagement by rewarding users for more than just purchases. This innovative approach fosters deeper connections, drives desired behaviors, and provides valuable customer insights.

At Tada, we empower businesses to leverage the power of event-based loyalty to build deeper and more meaningful relationships with their customers.

Our innovative event-based loyalty feature allows clients to capture and incentivize users based on their behaviors, both financial and non-financial, creating a behavior-driven loyalty program. This feature is available exclusively for clients who use On-Premise and Private Cloud solutions from Tada.

What is Event-based Loyalty?

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Unlike traditional transaction-based loyalty programs, which rely solely on financial transactions to trigger rewards, event-based loyalty leverages a broader spectrum of user interactions.

Event-based loyalty is a versatile and dynamic system where various user actions, both financial and non-financial, can be transformed into rewards. This approach not only enhances user engagement but also provides clients with comprehensive insights into their customers' behaviors.  

Why is Event-based Loyalty Important?

Event-based loyalty offers numerous benefits, making it a powerful tool for any businesses:

  • Enhanced Brand Interaction: Encourages users to interact with the brand in meaningful ways beyond transactions, fostering deeper connections.
  • Increased Brand Awareness: Through diverse interactions, brands can increase awareness and reinforce their values.
  • Driving Desired Behaviors: Brands can incentivize specific behaviors that align with their goals, creating a loyal customer base.
  • Comprehensive User Insights: The ability to capture and analyze a wide range of events provides clients with valuable insights into user behavior, allowing for more targeted and effective loyalty strategies.
  • Flexibility and Customization: Event-based loyalty programs can be tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of any business, providing a versatile and adaptable solution.

One of the key factors that make event-based loyalty engaging is that members are empowered to interact with the brand outside of purchasing products. 

Brands can create a more profound awareness of the brand values and at the same time convert interactions into sales. Brands can drive the behaviors that they pictured to create loyal customers, recognize their loyalty and build long lasting relationships.

Use Cases of Event-based Loyalty

Event-based loyalty can be applied in various industries to drive user engagement and reward meaningful actions. Here are some use cases for two popular industries.

1. Banking Industry

In the banking sector, event-based loyalty can drive customer engagement by rewarding various financial and non-financial actions. Some examples include:

  • Conducting offline transactions: Customers earn 10 points for transactions made at specific merchants.
  • Depositing funds: Earn 20 points for deposits of at least 1 million.
  • Average transaction amounts: Customers with an average transaction amount above Rp500.000 can level up and receive 10 free transfers.

2. Retail Industry

For this industry, event-based loyalty can significantly enhance customer interaction and drive sales by rewarding diverse actions:

  • Offline transactions: Customers can level up by making 5 offline transactions totaling at least Rp3.000.000.
  • Product release events: Participating in an offline product release event earns customers 10 points.
  • Social media integration: Connecting social media accounts results in a 20.000 e-voucher.
  • Content engagement: Watching videos from the client’s application can earn users additional rewards.

Tada's Event-Based Loyalty Advantages

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Tada’s event-based loyalty feature is designed to provide a robust and flexible solution for modern businesses. Some of the core features include:

1. Versatile Event Capturing

Tada can capture any event from the client’s platform to then be validated and calculated to earn the rewards.

2. Creating Comprehensive User Profiles

The events that can be validated are limitless and clients can develop a 360-degree view of their members, enabling more personalized and effective engagement strategies.

3. Multiple Interaction Channels

Users can engage via mobile or web applications, seamlessly sending their event data to Tada for validation and reward calculation.

Examples of Event-Based Loyalty in Action

Imagine a retail app that rewards users for a variety of activities, such as:

  • Completing missions: Offer bonus points for completing tasks like writing product reviews or sharing their experiences on social media.
  • Reaching milestones: Reward users with badges or exclusive discounts for achieving milestones like reaching a certain purchase threshold.
  • Engagement & socialization: Incentivize users for connecting their social media accounts, following your brand, or participating in online events.

These are just a few examples. With Tada's event-based loyalty program, the possibilities are endless!

How Tada Supports Event-based Loyalty

Implementing a successful event-based loyalty program requires robust support and expertise. Tada provides comprehensive support to ensure the success of our clients' loyalty programs:

1. Seamless Integration

Our platform is designed to integrate effortlessly with existing client systems, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a smooth implementation process.

2. Real-time Analytics and Reporting

Clients can track and analyze user behavior in real time, providing valuable insights and allowing for timely adjustments to loyalty strategies.

3. Scalable Solutions

Whether for small businesses or large enterprises, Tada’s solutions are scalable to meet the diverse needs of any organization.

4. Expert Support

Our team of experts is available to provide guidance and support throughout the implementation process, ensuring that clients can maximize the benefits of their loyalty programs.

Wrap up!

Tada's event-based loyalty feature transforms customer interactions into meaningful rewards, fostering stronger relationships and long-term loyalty. Whether in banking, retail, or other sectors, this approach offers a versatile and impactful strategy for enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.

Ready to explore how Tada can help create a dynamic event-based loyalty program tailored to your needs? Request our demo today and start building deeper connections with your customers.

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