TADA x Hellobill POS Integration: Manage Your Loyalty Program Easily


Oct 15, 2020 • 3 min read

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A business that realizes the importance of retaining loyal customers is sure to have increased revenue. With more loyal customers, you can expect to see a more stable sales number. However, businesses may be overwhelmed handling a great deal of data at a time.

Fortunately, businesses can handle a huge number of data in a breeze with the newest integration of TADA with Hellobill! Hellobill is a POS (Point of Sale) system that is designed to help every type of business owner run their businesses efficiently by enabling them to monitor sales and payment.

Here are the features of integration  that your business can use:

  • Leverage data easily

The larger the business, the easier it is to get lost in translation when handling and interpreting customer data. Say goodbye to the hassle because your customer data can now be easily captured, analyzed, and leveraged into actionable insights to further increase your revenue!

  • Integrate loyalty points/rewards 

Keeping track of your customers’ purchase and giving them rewards accordingly can take a lot of effort if done conventionally. With TADA x Hellobill’s integration, every customer purchase is recorded and the system will automatically integrate all transactions in your Hellobill POS with TADA.

  • Allow payment with e-vouchers

E-vouchers are a form of rewards that are always attractive to your customers. With TADA’s loyalty program, customers will be motivated to return sooner to your business and make a purchase as they have an e-voucher that will give them beneficial rewards or discounts. With Hellobill POS, the payment through e-vouchers can be done conveniently.

  • Easy for both clients and customers

The integration of TADA x Hellobill ensures point-collecting is seamless and quick for both customers and business owners. The POS system will take care of everything, so business owners can focus on maintaining and enhancing product/service quality.

This new integration can be activated without a sweat too, as businesses who already use Hellobill’s POS system can easily connect it with TADA’s plug-in. We hope this new integration can further ease our clients in managing loyalty programs and online orders altogether more conveniently!

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