The Best Online Channels to Retain Your Customers


Nov 9, 2020 • 5 min read

The Best Online Channels to Retain Your Customers - alt 2

Retaining your customers is one of the most important things that you can do as a business. Study shows that retaining your customers could increase your revenue by up to 95%. As a Customer Retention Platform, TADA has provided many of our clients the ability to communicate with their members using multiple channels, such as:

  1.     Push Notification

With the push notification, you can send messages that have high urgency and simplicity. This type of message is suitable for reminders and limited-time promos.

  1.     SMS Blast

You can also send SMS to your members to raise awareness about their promo using this type of campaign.

  1.     Email Blast

This type of campaign enables you to reach one of the channels with the highest ROI (almost 40x) compared to all available marketing channels. With the Email Blast Campaign, you can send more complex messages and add a CTA to redirect your customers to your landing page or website.

  1.     Information & Promotion

Using Information & Promotion from TADA, you can inform your members about any news or promo that your brand is currently having. This type of campaign is suitable to raise awareness because it will be included inside the TADA Wallet.

  1.     Send Rewards

If you are looking to increase your conversion rate and revenue, Send Rewards is your best friend. You can send e-Vouchers or points directly to your members’ TADA Wallet where they can easily redeem and use it.

With that in mind, we have provided you with actual data that can help you decide which retention channel is the best for you to use in your business (This data is fully interactive so feel free to use the filters):


All the metrics are recorded through TADA’s internal database based on real activities made by our clients and their members.