Think Your Business is Done Preparing for The New Normal? Think Again.

Aug 3, 2020 • 3 min read

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The COVID-19 pandemic that started around March this year has slowed or even knocked down businesses everywhere. Now that a ‘New Normal’ phase has started, a lot of businesses ended up spending lots of time, manpower, and money to gear up for store re-opening in June and July. However, the battle doesn’t stop there. With recent developments being highlighted daily, such as the confirmation by WHO that the virus is airborne, and the daily rise in new cases in Indonesia, uncertainty is evident. Is your business ready to get back on its feet in these critical times? Here are some measures you can take.

  1. Keep connected with a trusted community
    There is so much about the current situation that we are yet to know. That’s why you need to be connected to a reputable community that will give valuable information and advice, such as an association, or TADA community. Be careful of hoaxes or exaggerations that are all around, always double or even triple-check any information that you receive. Only take action suggested by reputable sources.
  2. Safekeep your customer data
    If we haven’t stated this enough: we never know what will happen in the future. So make sure you are connected to a reliable platform that gathers and manages your customer data. If anything, we can always rely on this data, and leverage them to connect, promote, or simply distribute a survey to your regular customers. Talk to us on how TADA can help you do this.
  3. Be ready to change
    Let’s face it, we are often reluctant to change because of the uncertainty that comes with it. But more than ever, your business needs to be prepared for change. During this time, businesses have to be on their feet to quickly come up with and implement new strategies, new operational procedures, or new technologies to survive. Businesses must also be ready to throw inefficient or irrelevant products/methods. A new strategy that TADA comes up with that might help you during this time is VIRTUAL FRANCHISE and DYNAMIC REWARDS [Click on link to know more about these strategies].

While this ‘New Normal’ might be so far from the ‘normal’ that we are used to, it’s not impossible for your business to survive and get back stronger in the aftermath of the pandemic. We are more than happy to help you through this challenging era, so don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know how we can assist you!

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