’Tis the Season of Gifts: Unwrap Gifting Strategies to Foster Loyalty


Jan 31, 2024 • 6 min read

Gifting Strategies to Foster Loyalty

In Indonesia, holiday season extends far beyond December, because as multicultural country we have various big days coming up that identical with sharing joy through thoughtful gifting; Chinese New Year, Ramadhan and Idul Fitri.

This busiest gift-giving season of the year presents a unique opportunity for companies to not only grow your customer base, but also to express appreciation to employees and build long-term relationships with clients and prospects.

However, in the world of gift-giving, the landscape can be quite challenging for businesses. You need to get creative to get the most out of this season and turn one-time buyers into loyal customers, enhancing employee satisfaction and build better relationships with clients and prospects.

Understanding the Gift-Giving Dynamic

The holiday season is a unique time for companies and marketers as a significant portion of gift purchases is made for customers, employees, colleagues, prospects and others. This creates a distinctive challenge for businesses to find the perfect gift for all their stakeholders who are often uncertain about their preferences.

Companies are tasked with the sometimes-impossible job of predicting what their employees, customers, and colleagues truly desire. This is where the struggle begins; the quest for a gift that not only reflects thoughtfulness but also resonates with the individuality of each stakeholder. Searching the right vendor will also take time.

But thanks to tadakado, corporate gifting is getting easier.

tadakado is universal e-voucher that let its recipient to redeem the e-voucher balance into things they love; physical items or pay their QRIS transaction. With tadakado, you can customize the denomination, choose to blast it through messaging app or give physical voucher. Our reward catalog comes with impressive items of 1.000 to choose from, so your recipients won’t run out options to redeem their voucher balance.

This way, part of your burden will lift off because not only simplifies the process of gifting but also adds a touch of personalization and usability, ensuring that the season of giving becomes a season of fostering lasting loyalty.

Overcome Challenges in Gifting Initiatives: Strategies and Solutions

1. The Challenge of Choosing the Perfect Gift

With the pressure to choose the perfect gift that resonates with a diverse array of stakeholders, corporate gifting is not quite easy task. Every employee, client, or business partner brings their unique tastes and preferences to the table, making the gifting selection process challenging.

The struggle to identify gifts that universally please is met with tadakado that offers unparalleled flexibility. With tadakado's e-voucher, companies don't have to guess what each person likes, allowing recipients the freedom to choose what suits them best.

No longer confined to the constraints of predicting individual preferences, businesses can embrace the diverse nature of their audience.

Whether it's a client with a penchant for technology or an employee with a taste for travel, tadakado's universal appeal ensures that the gift-giving process becomes a seamless and personalized experience for both the company and the person getting the gift.

2. Tailoring Gifts to Individual Preferences

It's not just about giving a gift; it's about giving the right gift. The challenge lies in understanding the diverse tastes and desires that exist within the corporate world.

This is precisely where tadakado steps in. It has a big collection of rewards, with over 1,000 items; tadakado has lots of choices to cater to every preference. Instead of struggling to match gifts to each person's taste, tadakado lets recipients pick what they like, making the gift more personal.

3. Sending Personalized Physical Gifts

The essence of gifting is amplified when it adds a special touch. However, in the business world, creating customized physical gifts for a large audience poses a logistical challenge. From selecting the right design to ensuring timely delivery, the process can be overwhelming.

That's where tadakado comes in. It lets companies to choose the denomination and design of physical gift vouchers.

This not only adds a touch of personalization but also streamlines the entire process. Now, businesses can show their appreciation in a personalized way, making each physical gift thoughtful.

4. The Hassle of Distribution

When it's time to give gifts during the festive season, delivering them can be a big challenge for companies. Making sure gifts get to everyone on time and without any issues can be tricky, whether it's physical gift cards or e-vouchers. It needs careful planning and doing things just right.

That's where tadakado helps out. It offers flexible gift distribution, meaning companies can easily send e-vouchers through messaging apps, avoiding the need for complicated delivery plans.

Or, for those who like physical gift cards, tadakado lets companies choose the value and design, making the delivery process simple and fitting the company's own style and when the recipient redeem physical item, Tada will take care the rest.

5. Ensuring Usability of Gifts

Beyond the moment of unwrapping, a critical concern lingers – will the recipients truly make the most of their gifts? Making sure gifts are useful can be tricky, especially with everyone having different needs and likes.

Here's where tadakado is super helpful. People can use their voucher balance to pay for things using QRIS all over Indonesia. It's a handy and flexible way for them to use their gift. Whether it's covering bills at a favorite restaurant or making purchases at local shops, tadakado simplifies transactions and enhances the overall shopping experience.

Ready to Make The Most out of This Holiday Season?

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