What Business Owners can Learn from Netflix’s Gadis Kretek


Dec 1, 2023 • 5 min read

Pelajaran Bisnis dari Series Gadis Kretek

The series Gadis Kretek has recently been talked about for its clear storyline and the actors and actresses' stunning acting.

The series revolves a lot around the love story between the players as well as highlighting the clove cigarette industry in Indonesia. But the series also contains many interesting things about business and loyalty.

What are they? Here's the review.

1. Maintain good supply chain management

The series explains a lot about tobacco and how the quality of tobacco greatly affects the flavor of the kretek cigarettes produced.

The story of Idroes Moeria, Dasiyah's father, who experienced fraud from a tobacco raw material vendor, highlights the importance of selecting a reliable supplier. He was forced to buy low-quality tobacco at high prices, directly impacting the quality of the kretek cigarettes produced. Luckily, Soeraja's initiative found an alternative tobacco supplier that was of better quality, although not yet dried.

This condition highlights the importance of having effective supply chain management to ensure more accurate order fulfillment, faster delivery time, flexibility in adjusting operations to changes in customer demand, and industry trends.

One way to keep the distribution in the supply chain for your products running smoothly is to maintain relationships with all intermediaries connected to your business. Loyalty and reward programs can be one way to build these relationships and increase loyalty.

By providing rewards and incentives for cooperation, there are mutual benefits for both parties. The company has a solid distribution network, and the partners in the supply chain are rewarded for the continuous distribution process.

2. The Importance of Branding in the Business World

Brands play a crucial role in transforming kretek from a commodity into something special. In the 1960s, the Kretek Girl series highlighted the significance of branding to compete effectively.

This concept is still relevant today, especially when we talk about building customer loyalty. Before trying to market a product or service, it is important for a brand to have a strong identity, from the choice of name, color, to packaging, which forms a certain image, reputation, and perception.

Branding is not just a formality step; it has a huge impact in building customer loyalty. Without branding that reflects your values and uniqueness, your product risks being perceived as ordinary and losing its competitiveness in the market.

3. Keep Innovating to Stay Sustainable

"Kretek Merdeka is the best-selling one, but if we don't make any changes, we will lose the competition.". That's what Jeng Yah (Dasiyah) said.

In the series, there are two big brands competing with each other; Idroes' Merdeka (Jeng Yah's father) and Soedjagad's Proklamasi. Jeng Yah reveals that if Merdeka wants to be superior, it must be able to offer something new, a new innovation.

For example, with a new sauce concoction that will keep Merdeka customers choosing their brand and Proklamasi customers interested in trying Merdeka.

This innovation concept remains relevant today. Brands that continue to innovate have a greater chance of building customer loyalty, as they offer experiences that are constantly relevant.

In addition, customers tend to be loyal to brands that continue to strive to provide the best, keep up with changing trends and customer needs, and build strong emotional relationships.

4. The Importance of Maintaining Product Quality

In the Gadis Kretek series, a new character appears who is not in the book, namely Pak Eko, the heir to Dasiyah's kretek sauce recipe. He successfully built the Kembang Setaman kretek brand, which is identical to Dasiyah's Kretek Gadis brand. He follows the kretek recipe to the smallest detail to create high quality kretek.

It's no wonder because in the competition for kretek products at that time, the main focus was on product quality. Therefore, maintaining product quality was a must. Apart from innovation, product quality is built meticulously, starting from the selection of tobacco raw materials and the blend of kretek sauce. Here, the importance of quality control (QC) is highly emphasized. This control must reach down to the DNA of the product so that it cannot be easily copied by competitors.

This concept remains relevant today, where the key to success is consistency in maintaining product quality. This is so that consumers do not easily switch to other brands.

5. Creative Customer Reward Strategy

In the series, Jeng Yah demonstrates her expertise in blending unique kretek sauces and successfully creates a new brand, Kretek Gadis. Despite being a new brand, Jeng Yah took an unconventional marketing approach to differentiate Kretek Gadis from its competitors. For example, the Proklamasi brand uses the technique of spreading its kretek advertising brochures from the air.

Jeng Yah chose to give a unique reward, which was a teapot and cup set for every purchase of Kretek Gadis. What made it unique was that she gave this reward set in stages, encouraging customers to keep buying her products until they managed to collect all the complete reward sets.

How does this correlate with business today?

Rewarding purchases is an effective way to increase repeat orders and build brand loyalty. A phased approach to rewarding can also increase customer engagement, driving increased sales.

Furthermore, brands that provide unique and customized rewards to customers can build profitable emotional relationships. With the development of technology today, brands will have no trouble implementing personalized loyalty reward programs, given that there are many modern tools that can help make it happen, like Tada loyalty platform for example.

So, did you also learn many other interesting things about business from the Gadis Kretek series?



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