Marketing without a clear strategy is like going fishing without bait.  

3 Stage Of Funneling Strategy


Acquiring new customers involves persuading consumers to purchase a company's products and/or services.


 Trigger your customers to spend more with you during each visit.





the number of repeat customers and profitability of each existing customer

Customer Aquisition vs Customer Retention

New Customer

Customer Acquisition Cost

Many pitfalls in business is that they focus too much On generating sales by bring in new customers.

44% of companies focus on customer acquisition Probability of selling to new customer is 5-20% Cost 5 TIMES MORE to acquire new customers 

Existing Customer

Customer Retention Cost

Appreciate your existing customers, they are the easiest And most predictable source of new revenue.
18% of the companies focus on retention Probability of selling to existing customer is 60-70% Increasing customer retention rate by 5% increases profits by 25-95%

How TADA's technology Increases your sales.

With Technology hand in hand with the traditional marketing programs, you would be able to gain deeper insights on customer behaviour and curate personalised marketing baits to lure them in and keep them coming back to your company.


Subscription Strategy

Subscription is a type of plan when a customer pays a fixed price to enjoy products/services and even discounts on a yearly, monthly or seasonal basis. These Subscription plans turn one-time transactions into a long-term relationship, with the right subscription business model, you would be able to secure loyal customers and be on your way to higher customer retention rates.


Digital Membership & Loyalty App

Increase repeat sales for your company by keeping your customers loyal and engaged. Boosting your revenue and members' satisfaction have never been easier!

Build customized, on-brand membership programs to incentivize repeat purchases, referrals, customer feedback, and social engagement.


Smart Campaign

We have prepared for you a wide variety of filter that you can use to reach specific group or segmentation of  your customers such a age,  gender, average purchase, or favourite product.

check-circle Push Notifications
check-circle SMS

check-circle e-Mail
check-circle Direct Rewards
check-circle e-Voucher

reach your customer with the right message, the right time, and the right people



Analytic & Insight

Unify your product and subscription data, and unlock a new world to discovering what drives your business’s success.

All member’s data will be fully recorded on our dashboard.

check-circle Revenue from Subscription
check-circle Number of subscribers
check-circle Advocates
check-circle Total Member
check-circle Total Revenue From Member
check-circle Average Spending per Member
check-circle Member Growth
check-circle Demographic Member ( Gender, Age )

Enable marketing team to run their promotion program more efficient & effective.

With us, you would be able to come in contact with a system
that will help you to DOUBLE YOUR PROFIT PER CUSTOMER in no time.