Psssst. Implementing marketing strategies without data is like going fishing without bait. You seldom catch anything.

3 Stages Of Successful Retail Sales Funneling Strategy


Acquiring new customers increases your sales revenue as it involves influencing your consumers gently to purchase your products or services.


 Trigger your customers to spend more with your brand while they are near or visiting your store. 




the number of repeat customers coming back to your store increases sales, number of transactions and gross profits. 


Customer Aquisition vs Customer Retention

New Customer

Customer Acquisition Cost

Many pitfalls in business is that they focus too much On generating sales by bring in new customers.

44% of companies focus on customer acquisition Probability of selling to new customer is 5-20% Cost 5 TIMES MORE to acquire new customers 

Existing Customer

Customer Retention Cost

Appreciate your existing customers, they are the easiest And most predictable source of new revenue.
18% of the companies focus on retention Probability of selling to existing customer is 60-70% Increasing customer retention rate by 5% increases profits by 25-95%

How TADA's technology Increases your sales.

With Technology hand in hand with the traditional marketing programs, you would be able to gain deeper insights on customer behaviour and curate personalised marketing baits to lure them in and keep them coming back to you.


TADA Subscription™

TADA subscription™ is a module that allows businesses to implement new business models in days, instead of years. Your customers could pay a monthly/quarterly/yearly Subscription Fees to enjoy benefits, discounts, special and exclusive deals and privileges available only to Subscribers. 

With TADA's recommended programs, these subscription plans turn one-time transactions into long-term relationships between you and your customers allowing you to secure loyal customers with high customer retention rates


TADA Digital Membership + Loyalty App

Increase repeat sales for your company through constant engagement that keeps your customers loyal. Boosting your revenue and member's satisfaction have never been this easy! 

With TADA, you can build customised, on-brand Membership Retention Programs that easily incentivise repeat purchases, create new referrals, collate customer feedback and create social engagements.

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TADA Smart Campaign™


TADA have researched and developed for you a wide variety of marketing filters that allows you to segment your customers effortlessly. You can easily create customised marketing campaigns and communications to to specific customer demographics. 

You can easily implement communication campaigns in minutes instead of days, allowing you to reach your customers with the right message, at the right time to the right people. 

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TADA Analytics & Insights™

Unify your business, products and key customers data. Unlock a new world to discover what drives your business forward and what you can do to achieve higher sales. 

With TADA'S Analytic and Insights™ all your customers and membership data easily tells you what marketing strategies you could execute next from the TADA dashboard. 

Finally a dashboard to empower you to make informed marketing decisions. 

How TADA's Customer Retention Platform Empower Businesses to Increase sales and DOUBLE your profit per customer?