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How to Use Your Card

Step-by-step guide


Use Card Via App


Download "TADA - Wallet For Memberships" from the Play Store / App Store. 


Select "+ Add Card" icon and scan the QR Code behind the card.


Click "Redeem" and happy shopping!


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Use Card Via Website

via website-1

Input your card number then click ‘Submit’

via website-2

Input your PIN card, then click ‘Login’.

via website-3

You can immediately exchange your balance with the gift of your choice.

via website-4

Choose the gift you want, specify amount, then click ‘Add to cart’

via website-5

After you have finished selecting, click the cart icon on the top right of your screen. Make sure the gift you choose is appropriate, then click ‘View Cart & Checkout’.

via website-6

Once again make sure the gift you choose is appropriate, choose your destination city, then click ‘Checkout’.

via website-7

The last step, fill your personal details to reduce errors in the shipping process. If it’s done, click ‘Complete the order’ and wait until your gift arrived!

*Cards may have an expiration date.
Please check it in TADA - Wallet For Memberships at