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Membership Software

A referral software that builds customised, on-brand membership programs to incentivise repeat purchases, referrals, loyalty, customer feedback, and social engagement.


Membership Solutions - Tiering & VIP Status

Encourage every customer to engage with your brand. What better way than to provide milestones to motivate customers. Show your best customers extra appreciation and influence the regulars to pursue that elevated status.



Review & Ratings

Encourage customers to give instant feedback about the brand in a flexible way. Choose from a variety of formats such as reviews, ratings and Q&A. This loyalty software will keep your customers coming back. 



Perks Engagements

Loyal customers love this. Create various engagement activities with your own members and incentivize them with customizable rewards scheme of your choice. (promotion information, trivia quiz, content sharing etc.)


Multiple Campaign Choices

Targeted marketing campaigns designed to drive high value purchasing behaviors, engagement across channels and strengthen the customer-brand relationship.


Measurable ROI

Gain real-time insights from this loyalty software on how much value the program is generating for your brand in comparison to how much you are investing in the program altogether. Monitor how this solution benefits your business. 


Members Management

Deliver an exceptional member experience with an intuitive member dashboard that is easy to navigate and highly functional. From referrals to targeting loyal customers, you can customize what you can offer to members, all set around the parameters of your business goals.



Offer customers the convenience of a privilege booking access within the membership platform. You may also provide exclusive reservation rights to your loyal members. This Membership Software is at your fingertips.



Marketing Automation Solutions

Inform customers about promotional information or activities. Customers will be kept up-to-date on the latest news, monitor their activity and referral results.



Built-in: Advocacy Marketing & Digital Rewards modules

All in one platform: digital membership for your customers integrated with a referral feature and digital rewards system enabling customers to earn and redeem seamlessly.



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