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Subscription Platform

Empower businesses to DOUBLE their profit per customer by retaining and keeping them consistently engaged in long-term relationships. 

Here's TOP Reasons Why


As customer pay in advance for product or service, brands can consider their subscriber as their company asset. It grants for better and steady ROI on marketing strategy through regular customer engagement. This is one of the reasons why subscribers are better than customers.


What’s better than knowing how many customers you will have for the next month? You could buy the right amount of raw materials and accurately planning your headcount, to manage or even reduce your cost.


When brand selling their customer a subscription, that one sale can create a long-term relationship between the brand and the customer, and prevent them to switch to other brand. Thanks to the magic of recurring revenue.


Brand have a couple of product lineups who rarely get purchased by their cusomer? By having a subscription model, you will get an opportunity to up-sell your customer on products or services beyond their basic subsription.

How TADA Technology Support's
Your Subscription Program


Auto Payment

Now you can focus on developing a good relationship with your customers and leave the payment processing to us. Ensure your revenue streams are automatic and reliable with recurring payments set up for all subscription members. Available payment option

check-circle Bank Transfer
check-circle Credit Card

Automatically deducted without additional work with flexible monthly, quarterly, or yearly duration.


Referral Subscription Marketing

Turn up your subscriber into your sales ambassador!

This feature will enable customers to sell your subscription program directly to their friends via  WhatsApp, Facebook, Messages, LINE, etc. Your member will get the commission after the referred friends join your subscription program (after payment done)

Empower your subscriber to advocates by giving them instant rewards such as:

check-circle Subscription extension period
check-circle Points / Stamps
check-circle e-Voucher


Fraud Prevention System

Every transaction need cashier PIN that the cashier must fill in to complete the transaction. Therefore, each transaction will be belong to 1 cashier name.

The settlement menu will make sure that your in & out transaction (money) are completely balanced.

If there is New Subscription / Renewal subscription from that store, it will be recorded in the settlement menu that the cashier will need to make sure the money is there



Smart Campaign

With our automation notification solution, you can communicate your other special offers, payment confirmations, subscription expiration dates, and more. What's more, your notification can be personalized and fully branding with images even in-app notification. Equipped with wide variety of filters that you can use to reach a specific group of subscribers. Available medium option:

check-circle Push Notifications
check-circle SMS

check-circle e-Mail
check-circle Direct Rewards
check-circle e-Voucher


Subscription Retention Intelligence

Our platform module is powered by machine learning algorithms. We deliver fresh actionable insights about your subscriber's behavior. This data is based on subscriber transactions, actions taken, engagement, and their preferences. Giving the best knowledge of what drives your business’s success. below are what you can look in our analytics dashboard:

check-circle Revenue from Subscription
check-circle Number of subscribers
check-circle Advocates
check-circle Total Member
check-circle Total Revenue From Member
check-circle Average Spending per Member
check-circle Member Growth
check-circle Demographic Member ( Gender, Age )

Suitable Across Various Industries