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Tech-A-Tive: Python for Machine Learning


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With over 60 attendees, Tech-A-Tive was fully booked with enthusiasts eager to learn the programming language of Python. The event took place on June 19 2019, from 6pm to 8pm and took months of preparation for the organizing team in TADA.

Mod speaks

The moderator for this event was Ms. Angelina Ervina, Business Analyst of TADA. She kick-started the event and introduced the speaker. Currently, Mr. Teguh Wahyono is a lecturer at the faculty of Information Technology in Satya Wacana Christian University. He is also the author of "Fundamental of Python for Machine Learning".

Mr Teguh Wahyono explained the following core topics:

  1. Fundamentals of Python
  2. What is Machine Learning
  3. Why use Python?
  4. Implementation of Python
  5. Live demo showcase through codes written in Python
  6. Questions and Answers
Teguh cert

Teguh Wahyono (left) receiving a certificate of appreciation from Robertus Rahardjo (right)

Afterwards, attendees gave their feedback on Tech-A-Tive. Interviews concluded the session and interviewees talked about their key take-aways from the event. They also mentioned about the growing popularity of Python and the importance of machine learning.

Keep a look out for future Tech-A-Tive events!

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Jonas Ngoh
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