Tips On How to Build Customer Base for Your Brand


Oct 22, 2020 • 4 min read

9. Tips Menumbuhkan Customer Base untuk Brand Bisnis

Building a customer base is important for all kinds of businesses. Especially if your brand is the new kid on the block. Without loyal customers, it can be confirmed that your business is not growing and bringing in profit. First, you need to understand the definition of customer base.

Simply put, a customer base is a collection of your most loyal and engaged customers. They are the people that enjoy and value your brand the most and keep on making repeat purchases from time to time. They feel a strong engagement with your products. These loyal customers are always the right market target for your business.

When you start a new brand, you will actively find customers. Are you sure you have the right criteria for the customers that you are looking for? Have you understood your own product and brand messaging?

The answer should be positive for both questions. Therefore, you can focus on applying the right strategy to retain loyal customers.

Tips On Building Customer Base and How to Maintain It

When you have a newborn business, you may not have thought about retention strategy yet. Whereas actually retain and acquire is equally important, especially for managing your customer base.

Simply put, acquisition is an effort to attract new customers, while retention is a strategy to turn new customers into brand advocates or loyal customers.

Both acquisition and retention will help build your customer base optimally. Here are a few tips on how to grow your customer base properly:

1. Giving an extraordinary Customer Service

One of the most traditional methods to grow a customer base is giving a satisfying customer service. This method is an ancient one but is still being done until today.

Usually, it is done by physical booths and stores. Along with the rapidly growing e-commerce, now customers’ online shopping activity also should be treated with such hospitality.

Give them the fast response and friendly service. Based on a report in Hubspot, 93% of customers who are satisfied with your service will come back to do repeat purchases.

2. Create loyalty program to engage with customers

Loyalty program is another brilliant way to keep customers engaged with your brand. Through loyalty rewards from loyalty programs in the form of points that can be exchanged with products, the customers will feel happy and satisfied.

They will feel their loyalty is appreciated and welcomed with your hand held open. It is undoubtedly an effective way to help you grow a customer base. You can also create VIP member programs with the best facility and service for the most loyal customers.

3. Giving away referral and online brand advocates bonus

Referral bonus is another good method to grow your customer base and can be combined with a loyalty program. Give a custom link to your members and ask them to share it.

After they share or purchase your product with those referral links, you can give them a reward or bonus. With the help of millions of social media users, that platform becomes the perfect place to promote your product and to get new and retain customers at once.

There are many strategies to grow a customer base. At first, you may just apply one of them, but when that works, you may try more strategies so that your customer base will grow rapidly. With a membership platform by TADA, you can execute those tips above and help you gain more profit by retaining customers.

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