Caused-related Loyalty Marketing; The Game-Changing Strategy


Jul 28, 2023 • 6 min read

Cause-related loyalty marketing

Cause-related loyalty marketing is a growing trend in cause marketing. It combines cause-related marketing and loyalty programs to create a powerful partnership.

Instead of asking for direct financial contributions, it taps into the reward points or miles that loyalty program members have accumulated. Customers then can redeem their points into charitable causes provided by the company on the reward catalog.

This way, customers have the opportunity to make a positive difference by utilizing their earned loyalty points, contributing to the causes that hold personal significance to them.

How It Works?

The process of implementing a cause-related marketing campaign within an existing loyalty program involves the utilization of a business-to-business technology platform, supporting a user-friendly consumer-facing website or app where customers can actively participate.

Additionally, the reward catalog can be seamlessly integrated, providing a selection of charitable organizations for customers to support by redeeming their loyalty points.

Benefits of Cause-related Loyalty Marketing

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Companies Embracing the Power of Cause-Related Loyalty Marketing

1. Nike, Inc. x Livestrong Foundation 

Through this collaboration, Nike demonstrated its commitment to supporting the cause of cancer awareness and research.

The partnership involved various initiatives, including the creation of co-branded products. Through these efforts, Nike has made a substantial impact in supporting cancer patients and advancing their well-being.

From 2004 to 2013, the program achieved impressive results:

  • It raised over $100 million in funds.
  • It sold 87 million wristbands, along with a selection of associated footwear and apparel, all linked to the Foundation.

2. Starbucks x (RED)

The powerful partnership launched the "Starbucks x (RED)" campaign, aimed at supporting the fight against AIDS.

Every time a customer uses the (RED) card at participating outlets, Starbucks will donate 20 cents USD to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS with (RED).

By purchasing the (STARBUCKS)RED products, customers were not only able to enjoy their favorite Starbucks beverages in unique, specially designed items, but they were also directly contributing to the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.

Throughout the period from 2008 to 2020, the program made a significant impact by contributing more than $16 million to the Global Fund. This contribution helped fund crucial lifesaving programs, including treatment, prevention, and care services

It’s Time to Add Donations to Your Loyalty Programs!

Unlock the power of cause-related loyalty marketing for your business! Now is the perfect moment to integrate donations into your loyalty programs. Elevate customer loyalty and interaction by introducing donation options within your loyalty program, allowing your customers to support causes that resonate with them personally.

Give your customers the freedom to use their well-earned loyalty points to effect positive change through charitable contributions. By offering this opportunity, you cultivate a stronger sense of brand loyalty and cultivate a dynamic community bound together by common values. Embrace cause-related loyalty marketing today and make a meaningful impact while fostering lasting connections with your customers.

By incorporating donation options into your reward catalog, you can turn your loyalty program into a force for good, creating a loyal customer base that is passionate about supporting your brand's mission and making a positive impact.

Elevate Customer Loyalty and Make a Difference with Tada

flexible rewards tada

Tada brings you an innovative loyalty engine that not only rewards your customers but also supports meaningful causes. Our extensive reward catalog spans various categories, and we've dedicated a section specifically for donations. Within this section, your customers have the opportunity to contribute their loyalty points to 21 charitable organizations, each working for different causes.

Integrating the reward catalog into your existing loyalty programs is seamless, allowing your customers to easily donate their loyalty points to the causes they deeply care about.

With Tada, you can effortlessly incorporate cause-related giving into your loyalty programs, empowering your customers to create a positive impact while strengthening their loyalty to your brand.

Request or demo now to know more about how you can enhance customer engagement, drive meaningful contributions to charitable organizations, and foster a stronger bond with your audience. 

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