Increasing Customer Engagement with a Membership Program


Aug 22, 2021 • 5 min read


Most businesses especially newer ones get excited over acquiring new customers. However, they often forget the importance of staying engaged with those customers. One-time customers are no good since they cause businesses to lose a stable and reliable source of revenue, especially during the crisis. Stayng connected with customers, also known as customer engagement, can retain customers for the longer run. One way to increase it is through a membership program, where customers who sign up as members get to enjoy many benefits and rewards. Let’s take a look at the capabilities of TADA’s membership program to increase your customer engagement!

TADA’s membership program capabilities

On average, loyal customers are worth 10 times more than when they first become your customers. Membership programs help make customers more loyal. Here are the capabilities of TADA’s membership program.

  1. Easy and accessible member registration

    Customers can join your membership program as easily as signing up from their mobile phones. The registration won’t take more than 3 minutes of their time. They can sign up digitally anytime and anywhere, whether they are at your physical stores, shopping online, through social media links, or a referral link from a friend.
  2. Customizable membership program

    Every business has its own way in creating the most exciting experience for their customers. You can tailor your membership program according to what works best for you, whether it is point or stamp collection, open membership or paid membership, and many more. Your membership program can be simple or complex with membership levelling. Pick from TADA’s array of features to be added to your program.
  3. Member database

    A membership program needs to provide you with valuable information regarding your customers so you can know and engage them better. Capture important data from demographics to transaction history. Learn about their unique purchase behavior and make a more relevant and attractive experience for them.
  4. Engage with customers anytime

    Increase customer engagement in your membership program by sending communications through email, SMS, or push notifications. Send the newest updates, promotions, and rewards anytime and anywhere without waiting for customers to visit your offline stores.

Engagement features in the membership program

You might still be wondering how this membership program can help you engage your customers. Here are some useful engagement features to make customers more loyal and connected to you!

  1. Scan QR

    Create a seamless onboarding or point collecting process with our scan QR feature. Customers only need to scan the code that you have placed on the cashier table, dining table, or your flyers to be a member. After making a purchase, they can also gain points in the same way from their receipts.
  2. Point and stamp collection

    The simplest way to nurture loyalty in your customers is by giving points and stamps for every transaction they make. It helps you show appreciation to customers and they will be delighted when rewarded for purchasing from you. You can also give points and stamps beyond their purchase, such as when customers complete a certain mission or task in your program.
  3. Member get member

    Make your business viral! Loyal customers will be happy to recommend your business to their friends, but you might not always be able to tell when this happens. With the member get member feature, you can reward customers who bring a friend as a new member. Their friend will also get sign-up rewards.
  4. Content sharing

    Social media is one of the most effective forms of media to promote your business, not just because of its many users, but also the high level of trust people have when they see a post shared by their closest friends there. Give points or rewards to members who do content sharing about your business on their social media and expand your reach!
  5. Customer survey

    Customer survey is a simple way to obtain precious and genuine input from your customers. You can tell what they like about your business and what still needs improvement. Share customer surveys through your membership program so customers can fill it at anytime and anywhere.
  6. Official member store

    Empower your customers to be resellers with the official member store feature. When members join as a reseller, they can promote your product through social media or chat apps to earn some profit sharing for every successful transaction. This feature opens up a new sales channel for your business to bring in more revenue!

    An attractive and relevant membership program motivates customers to stay engaged with your business and be retained for the long term. TADA is happy to help you create the most suitable membership program for you and integrate it with your business ecosystem. Contact us and start increasing your customer engagement with us!
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