Setting Up Your Sticky Program (using Insights by TADA)


Feb 9, 2021 • 4 min read

Setting up your sticky program from dashboard

Sticky has been around for some time now. With over 1,000 vouchers already redeemed, we have add some improvements that enable you to set up your Sticky program directly from Insights by TADA.

In this guide, I will show how you can create your very own Sticky program through this series of videos. Hopefully, by the end of the video you can start creating Sticky program to retain your customers better.

  • Create your e-Voucher

Easily create e-Vouchers for your Sticky program to be given as rewards to your customers!


    1. Go to the e-Vouchers menu and select Create a e-Voucher. 
    2. Input name and image of your e-Voucher.
    3. Select the filter type and input the value percentage.
    4. Input minimum transaction and maximum discount if needed.
    5. Set e-voucher expiry date.
    6. Save e-voucher.
  • Create your Store

Start creating your own store and set up all the necessary information using our dashboard!


    1. Go to the store management menu and click add new store.
    2. Input store information, store image and operating hours.
    3. Create store access for employees by inputting Outlet Code, Outlet Password and Manager Pin.
    4. Enable cashier access and inputting cashier name and phone number.
    5. Save your changes.
  • Create the Sticky Reward Program

Simple steps to create your Sticky Reward Program and set your rewards.


    1. Access the Sticky Reward Program from the dashboard.
    2. Add your program name and brand logo.
    3. Create customers’ registration form.
    4. Enter your terms and conditions and privacy policy if you have any, or toggle it off to use TADA’s default setting.
    5. Create your welcoming reward, highest reward, lower reward, and lowest reward.
    6. Click Create program to finish up.


  • Create your Delivery Order System

Enable customers to order through delivery by setting up your own delivery program.


    1. Go to the delivery order menu and select program.
    2. Input order link.
    3. Check the availability of your link by clicking the “Check Availability” button.
    4. Input tax if any.
    5. Input your brand logo.
    6. Toggle on the enable e-voucher button if you want to enable your customers to use their voucher that is aligned with your Sticky program.
    7. Input your banner image, shipping method, and shipping fee.
    8. Create your menu by clicking the Add New Category button.
    9. Write your category name. 
    10. Click Add New Menu to add a new menu within that category. 
    11. Input up to three images for each item and select the store that you would like to assign this item to.
    12. Go to the Store Menu to see all your created stores.

Hopefully, the tutorial that we have prepared is helpful for those of you who are eager to have your own Sticky Program. 

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