Revolutionizing Rewards: Transfer Points Feature


Jan 31, 2024 • 3 min read

tada transfer points feature

If you're part of any loyalty or rewards program powered by Tada, you've likely collected lots of points that can be redeemed for various reward items. Now, get ready for something even more exciting feature: Transfer Points.

So, What Exactly is Transfer Points Feature?

The Transfer Points feature empowers members of your loyalty program to seamlessly transfer their point balance via our mobile or web app.

This can be done to other members within the same program or even to individuals from different membership programs within Tada's extensive loyalty ecosystem.

This feature empowers members to connect with each other, making collaboration and connection within your community into a seamless experience.

How Does It Works?

transfer point tada

Utilizing this feature is remarkably simple for your members:

  • Ensure your Tada Wallet app is updated to the latest version and open your digital membership card.
  • Navigate to the homepage, where you'll find the new 'Transfer Points' option.
  • Click on it, input the recipient's phone number,
  • Specify the transfer amount,
  • Add a personalized message,
  • And click 'Transfer Now.'
  • Done!

Transfer Points Feature for Employee Engagement Program

The Transfer Points feature smoothly integrates into your employee engagement program, providing a more straightforward method to acknowledge and appreciate someone for their hard work.

The possibility of using Transfer Points to reward your employee is endless.

Examples of its applicability in supporting your employee engagement program:

  1. A manager sets KPIs for the team. When certain targets are met, the manager can express appreciation by transferring points to specific employees or the entire team. These points can then be redeemed for various rewards available in our extensive catalog.
  2. A seminar held in the office aims to boost employee productivity. Participants then receive points from the seminar facilitator, which they can later redeem to whatever they like on the reward catalog.
  3. The company organizes an office engagement event to enhance employee morale. The most active and highest-scoring employees receive points from the event facilitator, redeemable through our web or mobile app.

Wrap up!

If your goal is to create a reward-focused employee engagement program with a simplified rewards distribution process, our loyalty platform is tailor-made for you.

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple vendors for rewards fulfillment during long work hours and embrace a more efficient and straightforward rewards system. Your managers can also use Transfer Points feature to show appreciation to employees to boost their morale.

With Tada, your company can reap significant benefits from our comprehensive rewards fulfillment and market-fit features, offering a complete solution for your employee engagement needs.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our platform as it transforms the way you implement reward programs, ultimately contributing to a more engaged and motivated workforce. For further details about this feature, please reach out to our Customer Success team.

Thank you for being part of our continuous improvement journey at Tada!


Wilson Santana

Head of Product