Boost Engagement, Simplify Rewards: Introducing Tada's WhatsApp Chatbot for Loyalty Programs


Mar 6, 2024 • 5 min read

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In today's digital age, WhatsApp has become one of the most popular communication apps in Indonesia. With over 90% of active internet users in Indonesia using WhatsApp, the platform offers a significant opportunity for brands to foster customer loyalty.

That’s why Tada offer a new and innovative solution that allow brand to deliver a more direct and prominent loyalty experience for their customers; WhatsApp Chatbot.

So, now Tada is not only providing the loyalty engine but also WhatsApp Chatbot flow consultation, helping brands leverage the power of WhatsApp to maximize their loyalty programs. This integration will allow brands to deliver a more direct and prominent loyalty experience for their customers.

Key Advantages of WhatsApp Chatbot for Loyalty Programs

WA Chatbot - Tukar HadiahWA Chatbot - Bayar QRIS

Reward redemption & pay QRIS flow

  • Familiar Platform: Almost everyone is familiar with WhatsApp, making it user-friendly and accessible for customers.
  • Quick Actions: Customers can take quick and easy actions to reap the benefits of the loyalty program.
  • Centralized Engagement: All loyalty activities are centralized on one platform, improving program engagement and effectiveness.
  • Prominent Notifications: WhatsApp messages have a high delivery and read rate, ensuring that customers receive loyalty program information.

Leveraging Familiarity, WhatsApp Chatbot Integration Fuels Successful Loyalty Programs

Familiarity is the key to a better customer engagement. This is where our WhatsApp Chatbot integration for loyalty programs comes in. By integrating seamlessly with this widely used platform, brands can unlock a powerful tool for building successful loyalty programs.

Here are benefits that brands can benefit from when choosing to have their loyalty program integrated with our WhatsApp Chatbot feature:

WA Chatbot - Upload StrukWA Chatbot - Referral

Snap receipt and referral flow

1. Easy and Fast Registration

Customers can easily register for the membership program with just a simple agreement through WhatsApp. Referral integration also allows them to recommend the program to friends without switching platforms or memorizing referral codes..

2. Convenient Point and Receipt Redemption

Customers can conveniently redeem their loyalty points or send their receipts for approval through WhatsApp. Simply by uploading the receipt via WhatsApp, the entire validation process and reward acquisition happen within the same platform.

3. Boost Customer Engagement

Brands can increase customer engagement through surveys and direct interaction on WhatsApp because most of people already familiar with it, so any interaction from brands to customers can be easier and get higher read rate which will support the success of the overall program. This creates a more personalized and interactive experience for customers.

4. Direct e-Voucher Delivery

Brands can send e-vouchers directly to customers through WhatsApp, making it a central hub for engagement and loyalty activities.

5. Comprehensive Data Analysis

All loyalty activities performed on the WhatsApp Chatbot are connected to the Tada Dashboard, allowing brands to analyze and understand the effectiveness of their loyalty programs.

Wrap up!

Integrating loyalty programs with Tada's WhatsApp Chatbot offers an innovative and impactful solution for boosting customer loyalty. With its ease of use, convenience, and high engagement, WhatsApp Chatbot helps brands build stronger and more lasting relationships with their customers.

Ready to build customer loyalty with WhatsApp Chatbot? Request our demo now!

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Wilson Santana

Head of Product