TADA x Sayurbox Subscription Program: A Convenient, Safe & Beneficial Way of Grocery Shopping


Aug 14, 2020 • 2 min read

As most businesses have reopened in the new normal, loyal customers are the key to sustaining businesses, especially after the hard blow from the pandemic. Customer retention plays a pivotal role in enhancing customer loyalty for any business.

TADA helps in doing exactly this: increasing customer retention rate for your business sustainability. One of the solutions TADA offers for businesses is the subscription program, 

Sayurbox, a tech-supported fresh produce distribution platform, has recently joined TADA subscription program. By paying only Rp99.000 per month, members can enjoy exclusive features and rewards.

This subscription program is especially attractive in the new normal era, where people are more hesitant to do grocery shopping outdoors. Who wouldn’t want to conveniently shop fresh quality produce from home that can be delivered at their doorstep?

With TADA subscription program at Sayurbox, customers can enjoy the following:

  • Easy registration and voucher usage: simple, quick and hassle-free sign-up and transaction process.
  • Protected data and secure payment: customers can feel secure entering their personal data in our robust platform. Payment is also safe and convenient with an auto-recurring payment option.
  • Extra benefits: customers get monthly e-vouchers, exclusive promotional information, referral rewards, and prioritized customer service.

So, How to Activate Your Sayurbox Subscription?

Just go to subscription.sayurbox.com, click Join Now, enter your data and payment preference, and start enjoying the benefits immediately.

Are you a business looking to grow revenue and increase customer loyalty through subscription programs or other solutions? TADA has helped many businesses by enabling them to retain customers better with our multiple features. Don’t hesitate to contact us and start your journey with us today!

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