Virtual Franchise: The Solution to Increase Your Revenue in Today’s Pandemic Situation

Jul 28, 2020 • 5 min read

It’s no secret that today’s COVID-19 pandemic situation has forced businesses to adapt and innovate in order to survive. Also, businesses have witnessed a significant drop in their revenue as customers prefer staying home, causing some businesses to be more active in online channels.

While online channel has been the solution businesses opt for, e-commerce has the weakness of relying on intent-based activity. Why not take your business to the next level by having an army of resellers and drop-shippers that are actively promoting your product exclusively? This way, you will have more control over gaining more reach and revenue.

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  1. The Solution: Virtual Franchise
  2. Why You Need Virtual Franchise with TADA
  3. How Virtual Franchise Works
  4. Choosing a Commission Strategy

The Solution: Virtual Franchise

TADA is proud to launch a new feature called Virtual Franchise or reseller program to address exactly this issue. With this program, resellers can be recruited as franchisees through an app. Franchisees would market, sell your product, and recruit new franchisees to increase their commission earnings.

This program’s success lies in the word of mouth marketing – the most trustable and effective selling method out there – powering your sales growth. With the familiarity of people with social media these days, and the rise of social commerce, buying and selling can be conducted almost immediately, anywhere, and brings in new sales from a new, unexplored channel.

Why You Need Virtual Franchise with TADA

  1. Easy: Fast, easy and fully customizable design and commission program
  2. Friendly: Stable and secure program, with a friendly user interface
  3. Digital Promotion: We help with promotion through digital channels
  4. Scalable: Scalable and able to accommodate medium to large scale business
  5. One-Stop Solution: We help you get started, recruit franchisees, promote the product, manage orders and deliveries, calculate and organize commission payout.

How This Reseller Program Works

The process itself is simple. With TADA, your reseller can sign up and share your catalog through their social media. People who have seen and decided to click the link could possibly make a purchase. Your reseller receives a commission for every completed transaction.

Here’s the fun part though: they can also recruit other people as resellers and both of them will receive a commission from another completed transaction. With today’s pandemic-affected economy, and the high unemployment rate, a lot of people will be motivated to sell your product.


Choosing a Commission Strategy

You might be wondering what kind of commission your franchisees/resellers will receive. Here are some possibilities that you can consider, based on your cost, margin and profit.

    • Commission with a fixed value

Fixed commission for every completed transaction, best suited for those of you who have similar cost margin throughout your items.

    • Commission based on transaction amount percentage

Percentage-based commission, calculated from item’s price. This commission is best suited if you have a wide variety of cost margins to keep your spending in check.

    • Commission with e-voucher rewards

Commission in the form of another item, best suited if you want to cross-sell or scale-up low performing SKU.

    • Commission based on Item’s SKU

Customized commission based on specific items, so you can give more rewards to high margin items and vice versa.

TADA has provided many solutions and helped businesses to create sustainability by retaining their customers over the years. If you’re eager to retain your customers, look no further because we’re more than happy to help. Contact our team and start your journey with us!  

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