Why does the beauty industry need a customer loyalty program?


Jan 20, 2020 • 2 min read

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Hello there! It's us again, by the end of this article, you would be well aware of why the beauty industry is in desperate need of customer retention tactics! 

Customer loyalty in this generation is deemed as almost non-existent, with everyone having access to all the products in the market, customers now more than ever have the chance to be picky on what they get and change brands as and when they want with the wide variety in the market. 

Maintaining loyalty in the beauty industry is becoming even more challenging with the ever-shifting trends in the choice of makeup and beauty verticals making it a particular concern for these brands. 

"Beauty is a super competitive category," said Natalie Mackey, CEO of Glow Concept, the parent company of Winky Lux. 

No woman/man has an entire bag filled with one standard cosmetic brand in their bags, they usually have a variety, usually competing brands in their bags. Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer, would you be loyal to one brand and buy ALL of your beauty from one store? Probably not, am I right?. 

The loyalty rates for cosmetics are only 42%

Well-known beauty brands such as Sephora, Ulta and Dr Brant are now trying to fight the declining customer retention rates with loyalty programs, rather than just copying the way the bigger brands set up their loyalty program, the best thing that your brand can do now is to find the best customer loyalty program for your brand and stick to it. 

Just like how different makeup will look and feel differently on different people, different customer loyalty programs will produce different results depending on the brand that is implementing it. 


Having a customer loyalty program is extremely important, and almost everyone is starting to realize that now and are starting to implement it into their businesses. However, the question now is, How do you stand out and stay on top from the over-saturated market? 

Well, my dear readers, you either continue innovating your customer loyalty program or change the way you communicate your loyalty program to the end-user. 

If you are stuck and need a little inspiration for 'fabu-lash' loyalty programs [did you see what we did there?], you can look over at an article that we have written Tips on how to build a Successful Loyalty Program.



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