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  • What is TADA?

    TADA is end-to-end Omnichannel Loyalty and Rewards Platform, which is built upon the fact that businesses should be actively investing in customer retention rather than just focusing on acquiring customers. TADA helps businesses to double their profit per customer. To find out more about TADA

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  • What can TADA offer?

    TADA helps businesses to double their profit per customer through our omnichannel loyalty and reward platform consists of membership, subscription, referral, and digital rewards.
    At TADA, we strive to deliver only the best to our clients and consumers. We constantly update our platform to enhance our features as well as to conduct regular maintenance to ensure our platform works smoothly.


  • Is TADA just a loyalty program?
    No, we are beyond loyalty. We are omnichannel loyalty and reward platform. We provide you the best platform for membership, subscription, digital rewards, and referral. We also have a series of APIs ready to be integrated to enhance brands’ offerings.
  • Where is TADA located at?

    TADA’s operates businesses in USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia

  • Can we get our customers to pay for their membership?
    Yes, through subscription program you can offer paid program that beneficial both for your business and your customer 
  • How are we different from a loyalty program?
    We are beyond loyalty! We value-add to your business through subscriptions and referral services and other offerings to turn your customers into your long term relationships.
  • How long does it take to deploy the program?
    We typically take 2-3 weeks for integration, including the time clients take to submit the final designs. For a default program, we take around 2 days to create the program and 1 day for User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Do you provide training sessions? What if I need more training sessions for the App Interface?
    Yes, we do! The first training session will be on us! However, if you wish to have more training sessions, please contact the business partner that you work closely with. We will work out an arrangement.
  • I wish to have a feature that TADA currently does not have.
    We always appreciate feedback! You can provide us suggestions and contact us. We are constantly upgrading features to provide the best experience for our clients and users.
  • Privacy policy
    We place utmost importance in protecting your personal information. We will not sell or lease your personal information to a third party. See our full Privacy policy here.



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TADA Partner

  • What is TADA Partner?
    TADA Partner is a merchant and corporate app to retain and engage customers by managing their loyalty and membership. Features include activation of loyalty/membership cards, top up the cards, as well as redemption of rewards.
  • I accidentally gave the wrong the wrong amount of points.
    Please contact 021 5212202 immediately. We will assist you in points adjustment.
  • I forgot my TADA Partner password.
    No worries! Please contact the business representative who works with you closely. We will help you to reset your password immediately.