Implementing Brand Stickiness to Raise Brand Loyalty


Mar 6, 2020 • 3 min read

4. Cara Mempertahankan Customer dan Meningkatkan Brand Loyalty

Doing just well in business is definitely not good enough. Staying in line with customer’s demand and attracting new customers are good, but you need to do more. 

You need to generate brand stickiness to keep your customers around and do repeat business. You have to enhance product experience for customers so they will keep coming back.

Surely it is not that simple to form brand stickiness. The giant companies even doing a simple way to keep customers. They keep it subtle in building stickiness.

The outline of creating brand loyalty is improving the experience of customers. To make an effective brand stickiness, you might want to consider these suggestions.

1. Make products that is useful for customers, talking about really functional and practical

Find a way to make your products provide solution to solve customer’s problems, even to the tiniest problem. In doing so, the customers will feel assisted and tend to give more attention to your product.

2. Make products that is consistent for customers

Quality of your products need to be checked as often as possible. Customers want products that can be counted on to fulfill their needs. In that way, they will always want to be around. Consistency can also be applied in giving new ideas to the product so customer would want to stick around.

Always available for your customers, be there for them.

Answer their questions about your products, assist them when they want to buy or listen to them when they have a problem in using your products. You can do any of it in real time or via automation, or both. If the customers feel like your service can be counted on, they will be content and keep doing business with you.

Be part of your customers’ lives in order to make an emotional approach.

The products that close to costumers’ lives experience will always be remembered or to be intense, loved to death. It will create a more voluntary brand loyalty. Just like what Nike doing with their products. They want their buyers to find desire and greatness in their life. Just do it.

Customers’ care not always centered on how long lasting or durable your products are, the most of their concerns are how simple the solutions that your products offer to solve their problems. Serve decision simplicity to your customers.

By doing that, customers can collect information that is trustworthy in an easy way. Simplify their decision process. Don’t barrage customers with overload information.

In today’s marketing world with so many choices and and different kinds of products, it is not wise to ignore the importance of brand stickiness.

Brand loyalty is worried to be a lost cause as customers being apathetic on account of their changeable attention to products. But with products that are useful, consistent and simple, sticky brand experience can be created to retain customers. Most marketers that don’t have those brand factors, tend to be failed in facing modern marketing world.


Clara Alverina

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