The Highest Conversion Communication Channel for Sending E-Vouchers Campaign in 2022


Feb 17, 2023 • 6 min read

Highest Conversion Communication Channel (1)

Sending e-vouchers campaign to loyalty program members through different communication channels is a strategic way for brands to stay connected with their members and maintain loyalty.

This not only helps the brand stay top of mind, but also gives members the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive offers, encouraging them to make purchases.

E-vouchers, also known as digital gift cards, are a practical and economical solution for businesses looking to reward their customers.

Unlike physical gift cards, e-vouchers can be easily sent and redeemed digitally, making them a great option for businesses from any industry.

WhatsApp Leads the Race for the Highest Conversion Rate of Sending E-Vouchers Campaigns

When it comes to sending loyalty e-vouchers campaign to program members, various communication channels can be utilized, but the conversion rates differ.

In 2022, the use of WhatsApp, Email, and SMS to send e-vouchers has become increasingly prevalent based on data from Tada’s database.

This trend is driven by the growing popularity of these communication channels as well as the convenience and flexibility they offer for businesses to reach and engage with their customers

Most of the companies that collaborate with Tada activate multiple communication channels available on our platform.

And based on our internal database analysis, we have uncovered some compelling data on the communication channel that results in the highest success rate for e-vouchers being redeemed and utilized for purchases.

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  • The most successful channel, based on our data, is WhatsApp with a whopping 83% conversion rate. The popularity and ease of use of the app make it a convenient option for customers to receive and redeem their vouchers in a timely manner.
  • SMS also proves to be an effective channel with a 33.47% conversion rate. This channel allows businesses to reach a large audience quickly and efficiently, offering customers a simple and immediate way to redeem their e-vouchers without feeling bombarded with unnecessary messages, enhancing their overall user experience.
  • Email, while offering a more personalized approach with the ability to include long text and fancy design about the vouchers, has a lower conversion rate of 15.52%. Customers may not check their emails regularly, resulting in missed opportunities to redeem the voucher.

Based on the data analysis, we can deduce that WhatsApp remains the top-performing channel for sales conversion when it comes to sending e-vouchers campaigns.

While SMS and email may have lower conversion rates, utilizing a combination of these channels can optimize the effectiveness of your e-voucher campaign for your loyalty members. 

By employing a multi-channel approach, you can broaden your outreach and ensure that your message reaches your customers via the channels that they are most receptive to. 

The Advantages of Understanding The Best Communication Channel for Campaign Conversion

There are several advantages business leaders can leverage by understanding the best communication channel for campaign conversion to use in their own loyalty programs:

  • Increased redemption rates

By identifying the most effective channel, businesses can increase the number of redeemed e-vouchers and ultimately drive more sales and revenue.

  • Better data-driven decisions

By tracking and analyzing the conversion rates of different channels, businesses can make more informed decisions based on data and insights, rather than assumptions and guesswork.

  • Optimal customer experience

By using the most effective channel, businesses can ensure that their customers receive and redeem their e-vouchers in the most convenient and timely manner, resulting in a positive customer experience.

  • Improved marketing strategy

Understanding the best channel for conversion allows businesses to develop a more effective marketing strategy, ensuring that they are reaching their customers in the most effective way possible.

  • Better resource allocation

By focusing on the most effective channel, businesses can allocate their resources more efficiently and avoid wasting time and money on channels that do not result in conversions.

Wrap Up!

So based on this finding, businesses looking to boost their campaign conversion rates should consider using WhatsApp as their primary channel for sending e-vouchers, with SMS and email serving as secondary channels for supplementary use.

By utilizing communication channels, businesses can reach their members in a variety of ways, tailoring their messages to the preferences of each individual member.

This personalized approach helps to build stronger relationships with members and drives greater engagement and conversion rates. By sending e-vouchers campaigns through these channels, brands can effectively leverage the power of digital technology to strengthen their loyalty program and drive sales.

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