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Discover the reason behind all the buzz about TADA on G2Crowd. TADA is the only South East Asian Company to be in the leadership grid, ranked 3rd on Summer 2021 G2 Grid® for Loyalty Management Software and 6th for Customer Advocacy Software!

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Build loyal users, grow your business and revenue! 

TADA helps brands build loyalty program to retain customers, channel partners, or employees and see your company grow! Do retention via:

  • Capturing you customer information seamlessly across you omnichannel presence
  • Gamification in points earning and burning activities to increase engagement with your brand
  • Communicating and rewarding personally at the right time with the most relevant gift

Why Choose Us?

Unified Retention Platform

Create lasting relationships, converting users into members and advocates, to fuel growth.

Seamless Integration

Create customized loyalty program fast with integration across your marketing ecosystem.

Dedicated 24/7 Service

Rest easy with our round the clock customer and technical support.

Proven Across Industries

Our solution is already adopted by hundreds of companies of various size and industries.

Learn to retain those who matter most

All Solutions with TADA


Customer Loyalty

Build lasting relationships by nurturing and rewarding loyalty.

Features: points earning, redemptions, and engagement across omnichannel presence 


Channel Incentive

Engage distributors, agents, or partners with highly-tailored rewards.

Features: target tracker, instant recognition and personalized rewards distribution


Employee Perks

Recognize and reward employees to show them your appreciation.

Features: perks, rewards, and recognition program

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What They're Saying

We have used TADA for almost 4 years. TADA's team is really friendly and helpful in giving us solutions. Their products are very well-adjusted to client's request, and UI/UX interface on their dashboard and app is really interesting. I highly recommend TADA to those to those who are looking into customer management. Ari Setiawan - Blue Sky Group
TADA is a highly recommended affordable solution to help businesses grow their membership base. It is user-friendly, compact, and powerful. Their team has been useful and collaborative in ensuring our needs are clarified and met. Zohrab - Bandar Sri Damansara Residence Association
The TADA app really helps businesses save cost. TADA also has a wide selection of e-vouchers for our clients to choose from. Our clients are happier since they can earn points whenever they save money with us. Zola Cantika - PT MNC Bank Internasional
Although the concept of "loyalty program" is something totally new to us, TADA makes the whole set-up simple and easy to understand. At the same time, TADA helps us so much to reach our company goals. TADA's team is also really helpful from the beginning of the process until our program is up and running. Sisca Respati - Essilor Indonesia

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