Benefits of Letting Your Employees Choose Their Own Gifts


Oct 27, 2022 • 6 min read

Letting Your Employees Choose Their Own Gifts

Employee gifts can be one of effective ways to show appreciation at work. Usually, the gifts are in the form of basic office merchandise, such as bags, notebooks and pens. 

The problem with these traditional types of corporate gifts is that they mean nothing to the employee personally and don't make the employee feel valued. Especially after the pandemic, traditional gifts will further distance the company from the employees because nowadays employees prefer individual rewards.

Therefore, as a business owner, you need to make sure that the employee gifts feel genuine and personal.

So, what kind of gifts would make employees feel happy and appreciated? 

Benefits of Letting Employees Choose Their Gifts 

One of the ways is to let them choose their own gifts. Sounds complicated? No at all.

You can rely on digital gifting platforms like Tada Gifting to make gift-giving more personalized, hassle-free and effective. 

But before you go for this idea, let’s take a look at various benefits if you let your employees choose their own gift. 

1. Saving time

Companies can save time because they no longer carry out the time-consuming process of the procurement. When you let employees choose their own rewards, you save your time that could be used to do other productive work.

2. No more hassle with multiple vendors

When sending employee gifts in bulk, it usually will involve multiple vendors and you need to screen them. This process is complicated, pricey and time consuming, too.

With a digital gifting platform, you can automate all the process, from choosing the gift, redemption to shipping to the employees’ addresses. 

3. Free of deadlines and risk

Gifts usually are sent only on seasonal occasions, such as festivals, birthdays and anniversaries.

The HR department is usually restless during the gift-giving season and oftentimes the gift is late or damaged due to many reasons. By utilizing an automatic gift giving platform, all these hassles can be minimized or even eliminated.

Letting your employees choose their gifts will also save you from criticism. We all know that it is not easy to please everyone. No matter what gift you give, some will not like it. However, when they chose it themselves, they couldn't criticize anyone.

4. Increase employee happiness

A survey found that 56% of employees feel that the gifts they receive from the company do not indicate that they are valued.

To make your employees feel valued, you don't always need to give them expensive gifts. Instead, it would be best to provide them with 'the right' gifts.

The best way to do this is to let them choose their gift. It is not only a way to appreciate them but also to make them feel valued and seen.

5. Improve relationships and trust

The company's trust in its employees will help them retain the best talents and turn them into loyal employees for a long time.

When employees feel valued in a company, they will likely stay and give the best performance and contribution to the company.

Don't Forget Your Remote Employees, too!

Many companies allow hybrid working schedules and even have many remote employees, too. The perks of today’s modern workplace, right?

Working from home has its own challenges and companies need to give them special appreciation, too!

1. Virtual bonding day

Remote employees often don't get a chance to talk about anything other than work during virtual meetings. They missed the casual conversation with peers or they missed coffee-break gossip.

Therefore, dedicate a day where employees are free to chat virtually and are free to talk about everything except work. Make it a great day for them. Make a small game to break the ice, and prepare gifts for this virtual event.

2. Send them a care package

Sending care packages to employees is a great way to show your appreciation.

The care packages can include company merchandise, gift cards, treats, vitamins or games that employees can share with their families. You can also put a personalized thank you message to make it more personal.

3. Create a virtual rewards program

Host a virtual awards program and then showcase award-winning success stories from remote employees and give them rewards to celebrate their milestones.

Gifting Made Easy with Tada Gifting

If you've ever experienced the hassle of manual delivery for corporate gifts, you might consider using a digital gifting platform like Tada Gifting to do the task. Using an automation solution for your corporate gifting initiative reduces the hassle and many other issues, making it scalable and the investment worthwhile.

With this platform, the company only needs to:

  • Set the budget, choose the variety of reward items that are available on our impressive catalog.
  • Then, you need to set the redemption rules, and Tada will take care of the procurement process and present the report of the gifts’ redemption to you. 
  • Then, your employees can choose one gift out of many options you’ve decided to be included in your gifting campaign.

Simple, right?

Tada has helped many companies to show appreciation and manage relationships through a new type of gift-giving experience designed specifically for companies and professionals.

Request our free demo now to learn how game-changing solutions for Tada have helped hundreds of companies to prepare the best gifts for their most valuable stakeholders, from employees to customers and channel partners.

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