Channel Incentive Programs: Why They’re Worth the Buzz and Why You Need Them


Jul 3, 2023 • 10 min read


Channel Incentives

For years, businesses have relied on channel incentive programs as effective go-to-market strategies to align the behavior of their channel partners with their overall business objectives.

According to IRF, a staggering 81% of top-performing companies have embraced channel incentive programs as a mutually beneficial solution. These programs serve as catalysts to activate and reward channel partners while empowering them to generate higher revenue.

So, what is a channel incentive programs? 

Now, you might wonder whether your business stands to benefit from implementing such a program. Let's explore further.

What is a Channel Incentive Program?

A channel incentive program is essentially a program designed to provide incentives or rewards to members, specifically channel partners, like distributors, resellers, wholesalers, retailers, field sales and many more who successfully achieve predetermined targets or milestones.

The primary purpose of such programs is to accelerate product sales, enhance brand awareness, and bolster the product knowledge of partners.

Traditionally, channel incentives were predominantly monetary in nature, involving cash rewards or vouchers. However, in today's dynamic business landscape, many organizations are exploring alternative non-monetary or non-cash incentives to motivate their channel partners.

These can include physical items, opportunities for learning and development, travel incentives, and a wide array of other enticing rewards.

By diversifying the incentive offerings beyond mere monetary rewards, businesses can tap into the diverse interests and preferences of their channel partners, thereby creating a more engaging and appealing incentive program.

It's worth noting that a well-structured channel incentive program not only serves as a powerful tool for driving partner performance but also fosters stronger relationships, loyalty, and collaboration between businesses and their valued partners.

Why do Businesses Need a Channel Incentive Program?

According to Forrester, over 73% of all world trade happens through a channel. Thus, the impact of channel partners on business growth cannot be overlooked.

Here are some reasons you need a channel incentive program.

1. Accelerate sales and drive revenue growth

A well-crafted channel incentive program serves as a catalyst for boosting sales and revenue.

By offering incentives and rewards tied to specific targets and milestones, businesses can motivate channel partners to actively promote and sell their products, resulting in heightened sales performance and increased revenue.

P.s. The Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) found that channel incentive programs increased total revenues by 32%.

2. Increase business visibility and brand awareness

By leveraging channel partners, businesses can significantly enhance their visibility in the market. Channel partners often possess established customer bases that may not be aware of your business and its offerings.

Through the implementation of channel incentives, partners are motivated to promote your products more enthusiastically to their existing customers, thus exposing your business to a wider audience.

This increased exposure can be especially valuable when entering new markets or segments. By leveraging the influence and reach of channel partners, your business can establish a stronger foothold and gain traction in these new areas.

3. Enhance partners' product knowledge and expertise

Channel incentive programs offer more than just sales-related benefits. They can be effectively utilized to motivate channel partners to expand their knowledge about your products and offerings.

By incorporating learning objectives into the program, you can incentivize partners to engage in activities that enhance their understanding of your products.

For instance, you can provide rewards for watching informative product videos or participating in product information sessions. As a result, channel partners will be better equipped to promote your products effectively to potential customers.

4. Increase partner engagement and loyalty

Channel incentive programs are not limited to mere transactional reward systems. They serve as powerful tools for engaging and fostering a sense of appreciation among channel partners, ultimately leading to increased loyalty.

By implementing an incentive program, businesses can create a strong emotional connection with their channel partners. Partners who feel valued and appreciated are more likely to develop a deep sense of loyalty towards the business.

They become more than just channel partners; they become brand ambassadors and advocates who passionately promote your products and embody your business values.

The impact of this increased engagement and loyalty is invaluable. These dedicated partners are more motivated to actively market your products, ensuring a stronger representation of your brand in the market.

As a result, your business gains a competitive edge and benefits from the trusted relationships formed with channel partners, leading to sustained growth and success.

5. Gain competitive advantage

By implementing a channel incentive program, businesses gain a competitive edge in the market. 

Here's how it works:

  • Attract and retain high-performing channel partners

    An enticing channel incentive program can serve as a powerful magnet for attracting and retaining top-performing channel partners.

    By offering attractive incentives, rewards, and recognition, businesses can create a compelling value proposition for partners to choose them over their competitors. This helps in building a strong network of committed and motivated partners who are dedicated to promoting and selling your products.

  • Positioning as the preferred choice for collaboration

    When businesses offer compelling incentives and rewards, they establish themselves as the preferred choice for channel partners to collaborate with.

    Partners are more likely to choose to work with a company that provides not only excellent products but also attractive rewards and recognition for their efforts. This positioning creates a competitive advantage by making the business an appealing and sought-after partner in the eyes of channel partners.

What Type of Channel Incentives are There?

There are many different sales channel incentives to implement that can be adjusted to your business ecosystem. Of course, you can mix and match these incentives to make your program more attractive and diverse.

Here are some of them.

1. Sales-based incentives

Sales-based incentives are the most widely understood type of incentives.

How it works is very simple. Partners get incentives for successfully selling your products or services. The incentives can vary depending on their sales volume, margins, the type of products they sell, and many more.

2. Activity-based incentives

Your relationship with channel partners should extend beyond the typical buying and selling process.

Incentives can be given at the moment of sales and for engagement activities that partners complete, such as training, product demos, or any other activities that suit your business goal.

3. Channel rebates

Channel rebates are incentives given based on order size or frequency. These rewards can be price cuts for partners who order in bulk or order over a certain number of times.

This type of incentive works well if you are looking to clear out inventory or improve the sales of specific under-performing products.

4. Referral incentives

Valuable channel partners have sufficient mastery of your business and thus can be your best-qualified advocates! Use referral incentives to activate them into your ambassadors who lure more customers to your business.

If your business has resellers, this incentive can work for “reseller get reseller” schemes. These incentives can be points, gift cards, cash, or other suitable forms of your choice.

5. Training incentives

Channel partners need to be knowledgeable in introducing and explaining your products to end customers. Provide channel partners opportunities to improve their knowledge, such as quizzes, certifications, conferences, and demos.

Your partners might be selling products from different businesses at the same time, but if they know more about your product, chances are they’ll be more likely to mention yours more.

How to Start an Effective Channel Incentive Program?

To effectively launch your channel incentive program, here are some steps you need to take:

1. Identify the objective of your program

Your program objective can change from time to time, but it’s still a good idea to determine one that suits your needs the most at the moment.

It can increase overall sales volume, increase sales of certain products, activate channels in certain new markets, or other goals. Having a clear goal helps you move forward with other elements of your program. 

2. Determine the qualifications for incentives

What should your channel partners accomplish to get incentives? Should they sell more? Should they bring in referrals? Should they join a product demo?

Make sure the qualifications are realistic, too—partners will not participate if they feel the program is too complex.

3. Use a simple yet powerful digital loyalty platform

A digital loyalty platform can dramatically simplify and streamline your channel incentive program. Channel partners can conveniently access the program at their convenience, while you, as a business, can monitor their sales performance in real-time.

It is crucial to ensure that the platform seamlessly integrates with third-party systems, specifically for payment processing and reward redemption, enhancing ease of use and providing a seamless experience for your channel partners.

4. Evaluate and modify

Another advantage of using a digital platform is that you can obtain insightful data to be analyzed to reflect your program performance. Are your business goals attained?

Does the program need modifications? Keep your program fresh with new offers, new bonuses, and new reward catalogs now and then too!

Wrap up!

ways to motivate your channel partners

Sales channels, including distributors, retailers, and resellers, play a vital role in driving revenue for your business. Your business needs to capitalize on the opportunity of activating and rewarding these channel partners with a reliable channel incentive program.

The program boosts sales and ultimately nurtures engagement and loyalty within channel partners, forming long-lasting bonds. Using a digital channel incentive platform, you can give various rewards to partners so that they can help you reach your business goals.

Tada can help you create the most suitable channel incentive solution. Don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss your needs with us, as we’re happy to help! 

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