How to Retain Customers Correctly


Mar 6, 2020 • 3 min read

5. Lock-In vs Stickiness Cara Mempertahankan Customer Tanpa Harus Mengekang

A lot of ways available to retain customers, but not all of them are the right way. Making them voluntarily stay is a good choice, but forcibly holding them up? We don’t think so. 

There is a fine line between creating brand stickiness and lock-in the customers, between good and evil. Everyone wants sticky products that is useful and consistent. But to make customers difficult to leave even if they want to is a wrong way to be explored.

The top products create value to customers. The customers will want to repeat business and be loyal. They surely don’t want to leave the products that ease their lives and have solutions to their everyday problems.

But retaining customers doesn’t mean to force them keep doing business with you. Offer another products that is useful for them is not the same as forcing another products to complete the deficiency of previous products to customers. But once again, there is a fine line between them.

Here are a few correct ways to retain your customers

1. Show your products’ value to the customers

The longer customers stick to your products, the more customers gain value of your products, also the stronger the sticky impression you got form your customers. For instance, large platforms such as Spotify have a database that filled with users’ data.

Each users store their own data and that makes everyone experience is unique compared to another. And the more data that filled in, the more personal the playlist curated. So the longer users stick around with Spotify, the more value they get.

2. Form brand loyalty solidly

Loyalty is more important than you think. The relationship you have with customers will get rid of their intention to leave. Marketers can use it to complete the engagement with customers.

To build the brand loyalty, you need to be there for customers, you need to know what the customers’ need and you even need to make sure that they are satisfied with your services. Any brands that customers had an extraordinary experience with will make them want to stay.

3. Instill user habit of the customers

This can happen when you put a certain system in your service or products. For instance, imagine you have several services that adapt with your customers’ needs.

Different service for different day that make your customers follow the routine of your service. In that way user habit will created automatically.

4. Be dominant in your market

If you are the best in your category of business, it will make a thick statement and your customers will not have an idea of leaving even in the slightest.

Having just one elements from the above is not good enough, you have to have them all (or at least try). In doing so, if there is a time when you failed on one element, it is not the end of the day. Sure having one of them can help you gain the stickiness, but once you failed that, you know the rest.


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