Tips to Attract and Win More Distributors to Boost Sales


Sep 29, 2022 • 6 min read

Tips to Attract and Win More Distributors

For businesses that rely on a network of distributors to resellers to market their products to end-customers, having a unique selling point in products and services in products and services is one of the important things to attract distributors and other partners in the supply chain.

Finding ways to stand out from competitors and become a brand top of mind among channel partners is necessity to win the edge over today's crowded market. 

The Importance of Standing Out From The Crowd in The Market

Being a brand that has a unique and consistent advantage in terms of branding is one of the keys to success in attracting more distributors and other channel partners to sell your products more than the competitors.

In the past, large manufacturing and FMCG companies have always been the most promising and profitable for distributors in the supply chain. Their goods sell fast so that the profit margin can be higher.

But today, there are many small companies to home industries that sell similar products and are also popular with the public, which makes distributors have many choices of products that can be sold to their customers.

To win the hearts of the distributors, the company must find a way to make their products look different from competitors in the same niche. So that their products will be more familiar among the customers, which of course, will be reflected to the number of orders from distributors due to its popularity.

So, it's necessary for companies to go the extra mile to make their products stand out and attract more distributors to distribute and make sure they available in the stores.

The Keys to Win the Hearts of Your Channel Partners

An attractive brand differentiates one company from another. But how do you create an excellent brand image? And how does it help you convince channel partners to sell your products more than your competitors?

Tips to Attract and Win More Distributors

1. Make purchases easy for distributors

Simplify the purchasing process for distributors and other partners. Avoid complicated buying processes or they will slowly leave your brand because they have certain target sales for their own business, too.

2. Give them incentives for achieving sales targets

Sales performance incentive funds (SPIF) are designed to inspire your channel partner sales team to help promote your brand with for rewards.

Incentives for distributors can encourage certain sales behaviors, such as preferring to sell your product over competitors because of attractive rewards for doing so.

You can also build flexible and attractive loyalty and incentive programs to motivate distributors and other partners in the supply chain.

3. Help them with complete marketing materials

Distributors generally also sell products purchased directly from the company's HQ to sub distributors and small retailers. This makes them indirectly in contact with your potential market, so it's no brainer to prepare complete marketing materials to help distributors do their job.

This material can be in the form of physical brochures or soft files containing catalogs or even product knowledge that distributors can use in campaigns via email or their social media.

Although of course there is a possibility that your brand will be offered along with the competing products, a complete product branding material that is available on-demand, customizable, and actionable will certainly make it easier for distributors to promote and sell your products.

4. Provide great customer service

Customer service channels that are easy to contact and always provide real solutions to distributor problems in real time is also a brand advantage that you must have. Think about great service ideas that go far beyond what your competitors are doing.

Distributors and other channel partners are your best B2B customers who must be treated well and always get assisted quickly if they find problems with your products.

This way, the distributors and their teams will not be frustrated if they have problems and can take care of other things that are equally important in their business.

5. Pay attention to their pain points and solve it

If you want to win over distributors and other channel partners, a great way to do that is to reduce their pain points while doing business with you.

Your company can periodically conduct surveys or feedback to find out the problems faced by distributors. Gather all the feedback and then figure out how to solve the problem.

Provide regular updates if you're working on a problem to show distributors that your brand cares about them.

It's Time to Set Up a Successful Distributors Incentive Program

Distributors and other channel partners in your distribution network are important customers whose loyalty must be gained and maintained. As a B2B customer, giving incentives and rewards when doing business with you is one of the best strategies to build loyalty among channel partners.

You need to look for a platform that provides loyalty & reward program solutions to facilitate incentive programs for distributors. Tada as B2B loyalty & reward platform with white label solution will make it easier for you to have an incentive program that is 100% functional with relatively short development time; in just 3 weeks.

With Tada's incentive platform, you can choose attractive rewards from Tada's reward catalog of 1,000 items to attract and appeal to your distributors.

Through our solutions, Tada has made many digital transformation that have succeeded in helping business in not only giving rewards but also build better relationships with their channel partners. Request our free demo now to find out more about how our solutions can help your business become more sustainable and ultimately, profitable.Request a Demo



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