Introducing TADA x Tokopedia Integration


Apr 15, 2021 • 2 min read


Loyalty needs to be rewarded! One of the ways you can reward your customers for doing business with you is by giving points or stamps. Point or stamp collection can be an attractive and engaging activity to retain customers

TADA is happy to announce that we have collaborated with Tokopedia so your brand can reward your customers through point and stamps collection instantly when they purchase via Tokopedia!

Tokopedia is an Indonesian unicorn technology company which specializes in e-commerce. Founded in 2009, Tokopedia has over 350 million product listings, with more than 100 million monthly active users and over 9.7 million merchants, 86.5% of which are new entrepreneurs.

Our newest integration with Tokopedia enables your loyalty program to be more seamless across more customer touchpoints. You can encourage your customers to purchase from your Tokopedia store as they can gain your brand's points or stamps for every purchase they make automatically once the transaction is done, offering immediate, tangible value they can directly enjoy. Points and stamps will surely motivate them to make more purchases and be retained better.

How It Works:

  1. Make sure your Tokopedia store is an Official Store/Power Merchant.
  2. TADA will send a request to manage your Tokopedia store.
  3. Upon acceptance, we will set up the integration.
  4. Whenever a customer completes a purchase in your Tokopedia store, the program will automatically calculate the points they will get.
  5. If they are not a part of your membership, an SMS will be sent automatically to sign up with membership and points will be added after signing up.
  6. If they are already a part of your membership, a push notification will be sent to alert them of their new points.

This will surely enhance your omnichannel presence and help your business to get a more comprehensive 360 degree understanding of your customers.

Knowing and understanding your customers better is always an important step towards better customer retention and better business strategy. So, contact your Business Representative to integrate your loyalty program with your Tokopedia store today!


Yunny Yunita

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