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TADA Marketing & Customer Retention Blog

4 min read

Your Customers are Rethinking Their Behavior for the New Normal--Find Out How You Should Respond

Yunny Yunita .

Over two months after entering the so-called “new normal”, businesses have witnessed how this unfolding era has changed their customers fundamentally. Customers are thinking, living, and buying differently. It is indeed a trying time for businesses as customers are reconsidering products and businesses to buy from through a new lens. How should your business respond to this changing customer behavior? Through our in-depth, data-backed research, we will be discussing what businesses should prepare for and how they can strategize to embrace these transformative times and sustain themselves in the long run.

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3 min read

Winning the Loyalty of Gen Z Customers

Yunny Yunita .

Upon reading the title, you might be wondering, why should you bother about Gen Z customers?

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