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TADA Marketing & Customer Retention Blog

3 min read

Strategies in Building Positive Customer Experience

Nida Amalia .

Place yourself in a customer’s shoes. What makes you keep coming back to your favorite business? One of the reasons may be the positive customer experience you obtain when interacting with the business.

Customer experience has a powerful influence on building a customer’s view about a business and whether they will return. Hence, businesses must prioritize building a positive customer experience. Let us learn some strategies to help you build a positive customer experience in your business!

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2 min read

Get the Best Out of Offers to Jack Up Sales

Clara Alverina .

As an online merchant, you need to know the proper time, worth and target in case of making offers. Knowing the most effective way to use it is a must. Before exposing you to the ways of utilizing offers to increase your sales, let us explain a few of the most familiar types of offers.

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