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Tada Loyalty & Customer Retention Blog

4 min read

Tokopedia x Tada Omnichannel Integration to Increase Sales for Your Business

Nuraini .

Market Research Future predicts the global omnichannel retail platform market will grow to US$11.1 billion by 2023. The increasing use of smartphones for online transactions as well as the growth of online shopping in the marketplace are the main driving factors for the growth of this omnichannel platform.

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7 min read

Omnichannel Program Helps You Survive The Coronaconomy

Nida Amalia .

COVID-19 is not the first pandemic to drive e-commerce innovation. When the SARS outbreak struck China, Alibaba was still in its infancy.

Topics: omnichannel
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6 min read

Omnichannel Loyalty: The Panacea of Today’s Retail

Nida Amalia .

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