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TADA Marketing & Customer Retention Blog

4 min read

Tips on Applying Voucher Marketing as Your Business Promotion Strategy

Nida Amalia .

In every purchase decision that a customer makes, saving money is one of the factors he or she considers the most. That’s why businesses often use voucher marketing to incentivize new and loyal customers into making a purchase. A research by Kelton also discovered that 48% of customers buy faster when they get a voucher, and 37% of them will buy more than they usually do. In this modern age, vouchers are not limited to printed ones, but also digital ones. How do you apply voucher marketing as a promotion strategy that works effectively for your business? Let us find out together!

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3 min read

Decrease Your Overall CAC and Increase Your CLV with a Voucher Management System

Aloysius Brahmarsi .

Do you know that the word ‘voucher’ is constantly looked and trending in Google?

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